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Government Job Prediction as per Vedic Astrology

While you are on a job hunt, a government job will be your priority. There is a fascination for government jobs as they hold special recognition in society. However, is a government job your destiny?

You need to know that the profession you join is greatly based on your birth chart. Vedic astrology texts state that the planetary position at the time of your birth is crucial in determining your job. It is important to analyze your zodiac sign to understand whether you will join a government department or work as a private employee.

horoscope prediction  How to understand the job based on the zodiac sign?


The best and ideal way to know whether you will join the government service is to consult an expert astrologer. CyberAstro has a panel of eminent astrologers to guide you to understand how your career will be.

However, we’ve got a few tips to get an idea of how zodiac signs decide whether you will have a government job.

The planets, houses, and the planetary combinations in your horoscope play a significant role in securing an administrative position in the government.

career solution  How to get a job as per astrology in the 10th house in Kundali?

  • The 10th house must be powerful to obtain a government job.
  • The lord of the 10th house must have its placement in quadrant/trine (House no. 1, 4, 7, 10 are known as quadrants and 1, 5, 9 are known as trines).
  • The lord of the 9th house needs to be placed in the 10th house.
  • The lords of 10th and 9th houses must interchange the signs
  • The lords of the 10th and 9th houses should be conjoined.
  • The lord of your 10th house should have its placement in 11th, 6th, or 3rd houses.
  • The planets including Mars, Moon, Sun, and Jupiter should be highly supportive and should have a positive impact on the tenth house.

career solution  Is a government job your Kundli Sun?


You may be curious to know whether a government job is mentioned in your Kundli sign. Vedic astrology states that you will join the government service when:

  • Sun has its placement in the 10th house (Sun in 12th house government job).
  • Sun has its placement in the 10th house and is aspected by planet Mars.
  • Sun has its placement in the 10th house in its own sign or a friendly sign.
  • Sun has its placement in 2nd house and aspects 10th house lord (Chances of government jobs related to the secret agency).
  • There is an aspect of Jupiter on the Sun.
  • Sun has its placement in the 3rd House (Govt. jobs related to travel or media).
  • Sun has its placement in the 4th House (Govt. jobs related to tax or property).
  • Sun has its placement in the 6th House (Govt. jobs related to legal service).
  • Sun in 8th house government job (Govt. jobs related to archaeology or R&D).
  • Sun in 12th house government job (Govt. jobs in jail or hospital).
  • Mars and Sun have their placement in the 10th House.

career astrology  How to be a level 1 government officer?


A level government office is a senior-most bureaucrat with a high pay scale, countless perks, and utmost job security. To attain this position, the position of Sun, Leo sign, the 5th house, and 10th house relation, 10th House planets, running Dasha at the time of joining plus the same combinations need to be strong.

As the professionals belonging to this creamy layer enjoy a king-size life, their horoscope will have powerful Jupiter, Mercury, Sun, and Moon in Kendra and Trikona, giving a raj yoga. This also promises high-level intelligence, decision-making power, self-esteem, and a balanced mind.


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To know the planetary position as well as to read the zodiac signs, you can have one-to-one sessions with our astrologers. Apart from knowing your career prediction, the astrologers will also provide expert advice to overcome hurdles if any is causing a block in professional success.