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Goddess of Knowledge and Learning

In the beginning there was no harmony, only a chaos and in a formless state of fluidity. The creator of the Hindu Trinity, Brahma wanted to bring some form to this disorder and wondered aloud about it. Devi or Goddess uttered ‘with knowledge’. Saraswati emerged from Brahma’s mouth; heralded by a peacock, sacred books in one hand and the other holding a lute.

She was dressed in white seated on a swan and playing the string instrument Veena. This is the image of Saraswati, symbolic of Knowledge and learning. By her grace Brahma realized the power of the senses which were not connected with passion, rather with the higher comprehension that lead to knowledge and communication.

The power of the sound of the Mantras evolved in the senses of Brahma out of the chaos that was there before the age of light. In utter joy and reverence, he also named Saraswati, Vag Devi which translates to The Goddess of speech and sound.

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