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Gemstones - Changes the Destiny of a Person

By wearing right gemstones from Vedic Astrology you can see miracles are happening with you. There are so many astrology companies and astrologers who are selling these types of online gemstones. Some are really selling the best gemstone while some are frauds. So a person should be fully alert at the time of purchasing the gemstones. You should buy it from a reputed company.



Many people wear gemstones that suits them according to gemstone astrology while many wear it in the form of an ornament or jewelry. There is a total of 9 planets and each planet is represented by 9 different types of gemstones.

  • Ruby is worn for Sun and the person’s zodiac sign is Leo.
  • Pearl is worn for the Moon and the person’s zodiac sign is Cancer.
  • Coral is worn for Mars and the person’s zodiac sign is Scorpio or Aries.
  • Emerald is worn for the Mercury and the person’s zodiac sign is Virgo or Gemini.
  • Yellow-sapphire is worn for the Jupiter and the person’s zodiac sign is Pieces or Sagittarius.
  • Blue sapphire is worn for Saturn and the person’s zodiac sign is Capricorn or Aquarius.
  • Hessonite is worn for the Rahu (Moon’s ascending-node).
  • Cat’s eye for the Ketu (Moon’s descending-node).



The natural gemstone which a person wears should not be having any crack and it should be flawless to get maximum from the benefic stone. If the natural gemstone is having any crack on it then it may give negative effects of that gemstone. So it is very important to choose and wear the right gemstone only after a proper survey. If you are suffering from any problem either relating to health, wealth, business, family, etc. then the solution purely is in front of you. You should wear a gemstone according to your zodiac sign. This will give you instant relief. These gemstones are worn according to the sun-sign.

These astrological stones have the potentiality of creating success in finance, successful marriage, love, romance, and promotion in career, education, sports, and many other issues. Also, these gemstones can improve health problems like diabetes, arthritis, asthma, sinus, cough, cold, hypertension, paralysis, neurological problems, and infertility. There are many people who wear wrong astrological gemstones without any knowledge and as a result, they have to face a lot of hurdles and obstacles in life. Thus one must always ensure the correct gemstone for her/himself before putting it on.