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Fascinating Childhood Days of Lord Hanuman!

Lord Hanuman is one of the most popular deities in Hinduism and there are many stories prevalent about him related to his selfless devotion, provider of knowledge, courage and hope. Let’s talk about one very interesting incident related to childhood days of Lord Hanuman.

Once upon a time, Anjana, the mother of Lord Hanuman instructed him that whenever he feels hungry, he should eat fruits as red and ripe as a rising sun that would give him complete nourishment. Considering the Sun as a delicious fruit, baby Anjaneya thought to taste it. Being a divine child of an Apsara and Monkey King and the incarnation of Lord Shiva, the little Anjaneya had inherited many magical powers and reaching to the Sun was not very tough task for him which was only a ripe fruit for him. He started making giant leaps in order to reach there.

The Sun was gleaming in the sky when he saw a baby monkey coming towards him with great speed. The Sun God was surprised to see that this baby had no effect of the hot rays which was not possible for any normal creature to bear the heat. This scared him and he went to Lord Indra for seeking his help. Lord Indra arrived there and asked the little monkey to stop and explain the reason for being there.


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The innocent Hanuman said that he is a son of Anjana and Kesari and his mother has asked him to eat ripe and red fruit like Sun. This answer amused Lord Indra and he advised him to return as this was not the fruit but The Sun which is a source of light and life. Ignoring the advice, baby Anjaneya continued his journey which enraged Indra and he stuck Anjaneya with thunderbolt (Vajra). The Wind God was shocked to see the result and made him terribly angry. He took him in his hands and went to Pataal loka, a world below the grounds.

The absence of wind on the earth made living beings asphyxiate and Lord Brahma had to beg him to return. In order to pacify him, the lords conferred a lot of boons and blessings on the child that made Lord Hanuman invincible, immortal and super powerful. Lord Brahma blessed him that no one can kill him with any weapon in war. Lord Shiva blessed him to with longevity, wisdom and ability to travel anywhere. Agni blessed him with immunity from burning fire. Kubera blessed him with happiness and contentment. Vayu blessed him with speed and Kamadeva blessed him with Bala Bramhachari.

Worshipping Lord Hanuman with true devotion is said to bless a devotee with all these boons and what could be a better day of offering worship than Hanuman Jayanti which is a celebration of his birth. Hanuman Jayanti 2024  is falling on 23rd April 2024. Lets participate in Hanuman Jayanti Ceremony organized by Cyber Astro. Enlist Now With Your Entire Family