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Delay or Denial in marriage

Are you facing delay in your marriage? You are at right age of marriage but somehow not able to find suitable Soulmate or if find one, problems occur before settling everything. What could be the reason behind this delay? Vedic astrology says there could be numerous causes behind obstruction in your marriage. In the light of the fact that bride and groom are mere manifestation of nature which is why they have to be together.

Wrong placement of planet in either of the partner chart or malefic planet causing hindrance in their unification is the key factor that needs to be discussed. As we know a man is incomplete with a woman and woman can’t live without a man. Both have to unite so as to start a family and create a better world. Get your Birth chart analysed by your astrologer and check if you have Mars in marriage so you could take appropriate step to curb it through Astro remedies.

You love to be in love. However you need a suitable partner to reciprocate the feelings you have in your mind and heart. If you are fortunate enough to find one, you ahead and grab him! Unfortunately, there are majority of people who are unable to find a true Soulmate who understand them and love them passionately. No matter where you go and what you do, you need a partner to share, talk and fight. It’s a matter of understanding that keep two souls unite even at distant.

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Apart from this planetary configuration play a major role in making or breaking relationships. Want to check zodiac compatibility with your partner? Go with love Meter that measures your compatibility in percentage rating with your potential partner. What is required to have a blissful relationship is compatibility between potential partners. Things will smooth smoothly if you two have your Kundalis matched through Kundali Milan that helps to gauge the relationship of a boy and a girl on basis of analysis of your birth chart.

There could be no apparent reasons sometime for delay in getting married. If weak moon is placed in 5th house in Astro chart and is said to be malefic in 1st, 7th or 12th house, then chances of obstruction increases. Similarly wrong placement of Saturn is also responsible for such hurdles. However astrologer would be the right person to tell you about your chances of early or delay marriage.