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Vedic Astrology in Career Prediction

A big concern we all have is related to career. Many questions pop up in the mind, such as when will I get a job, how to find a satisfying job, will I get a government job, or how to join government service. There can be doubts related to when to switch a job and how to obtain a promotion. Often, we do not know that career astrology has got answers to all these questions.

horoscope prediction  Why is career astrology important?


career astrologyCareer astrology is a vital part of Vedic astrology and it recognizes the talent in you and consoles you in wake of confusion or job-related hindrances. The imbalance in career, the ups and downs in business, and outcomes of hasty decisions that put on added pressure – everything can have an adverse impact in both your professional and personal life and career astrology can be a light in the darkness.

An intelligent man will not always be successful. The reason – his birth chart or horoscope. Your success is greatly based on the planetary position at the time of your birth. While you analyze the career astrology, you need to study three indicators – the planet Saturn, the zodiac sign Capricorn, and the third house of its lord planet.

career solution  Career and planetary position


While you show your horoscope to an astrologer, he will analyze multiple factors to conclude. This may include the right career for you and how to obtain a government job.

The Ascendant or the first house is vital in career prediction. The Ascendant portrays the person as a whole and shapes his outlook. And hence, the Lord of the Ascendant is equally significant. The condition of the luminaries, the Sun and Moon represent the fundamental to the personality which finds expression in the career.

As per career prediction based on ancient astrology, the 10th house determines your career and therefore its analysis is important.

Expert texts suggest that it is essential to analyze the “professional” houses 2-6-10. Dashamamsha D-10 also defines career predictions.

career astrology  What is a suitable job for me?


As per career astrology based on your date of birth, the 10th house Lord, planets placed in the 10th house of birth chart, and with Lord of the 10th house indicates your suitable profession. The fields of business or jobs of different planets are different. And as per the planets in the 10th house or 10th house Lord, it is possible to predict your career.

Dashamamsha D-10 also provides a strong hint about the type of profession you are best suited for.
Does your kundali suggest a government job?

According to Vedic Astrology, your 10th house indicates the type of job in kundali. It is normal to doubt whether you will have a government job.

As the Sun is the representative of the Government, its presence should be there on the kundali to have a government job.

If your horoscope states that the Sun is the Amatyakaraka, there is a strong possibility of a government job. Though Saturn does not indicate the government job, its presence will do good as it is the second most significant player in determining a government job.

cyberastro  Why am I not getting a job?


When your horoscope has a debilitated, combust, and weak ill-placed 10th lord, you may have setbacks in your career. The Moon also adversely connects with evil planets in the 10th house, ultimately indicating fluctuations in professional life. This can cause unemployment.

When the Lord of the 10th house is connected with the 8th house Lord, a setback in career can happen. This can also cause difficulty in finding a job.

Dasha and Bhukti of evil planets when connected with the 10th house can also lead to unemployment.

career related problem  How to resolve this crisis?


Here are a few remedies to resolve this crisis and brighten your chances for a job.

  • Offer water to Sun in the morning
  • Recite “Om aadityayanamah” or “Om suryayanamah” 108 times
  • Recite AdityaHridayStotram
  • Worship Lord Hanuman daily
  • Wear 14 faced Rudraksha

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