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Buddha Purnima

This auspicious day is marked with the birth, enlightenment and parinirvana (nirvana after death) of Lord Buddha. It is the time to follow his teachings and reflect on his messages of compassion, non-violence and the middle path.

Significance of Buddha Purnima

On this day, devotees all over the world gather in monasteries, homes and community centers to chant prayers, meditate and offer alms to monks. This is also a time for performing acts of kindness and charity, following the example set by Lord Buddha.

How to celebrate Buddha Purnima

On this sacred day, we can visit Buddhist temple offering flowers and incense as a mark of respect. We may perform meditation and reflect on the teachings of lord Buddha. In the evening, we can light lamps and candles, a symbol of illumination.

Message of Peace and Awakening

Buddha Purnima not only makes us remember Lord Buddha but also teaches us to imbibe the qualities of peace and harmony in our life. Millions and millions of years pass by, giving rise to new sets of beliefs, but the ultimate truth remains constant. We all are bound with the continuous cycle of birth and death (पुनरपि जन्मम पुनरपि मरणम). Teachings of Buddha awakens us to rise above this vicious cycle of birth, death and rebirth. So the full moon of Vaishakh Purnima is an example to come out of mundane and fully blossom our soul by the grace and blessings of Lord Buddha. In this way, we will truly celebrate this auspicious day and make a better world for humanity.

Wishing you a blessed and joyful Buddha Purnima.

With warm regards
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