What Would Jupiter Transit 2019 Predict for Your Career Growth?

Gear up to Smile and say Cheers as it is time to add a new spark to your career! On 5th November 2019, Jupiter, planet for prosperity, fortune, knowledge and wealth will be transiting into sign Sagittarius and will continue till 11th November 2020. During Jupiter Transit 2019-2020, all those career centric people, who will be favored by the mighty Jupiter, will be blessed with opportunities, growth, recognition and achievement.

The position of Jupiter in your respective birth chart and the relation of the transiting Jupiter with that of your natal Jupiter will decide what is in store for you in the coming year. Hence, it is important to have an in depth knowledge of the impact of this transit into Sagittarius in individual’s life. Vedic Astrology can throw clear light on this and can guide you to make the best of this period. Order a personalized Jupiter Transit Report 2019 now to brighten your career prospects.


Experience positivity on the career front


“Brihaspati”, is a kind and benevolent planet that wants us to grow and flourish in a positive way. So if you hope to sprout again or if you want to reach new heights in your professional life, then this Jupiter Transit report could be your guiding light. The Jupiter Transit promises to fill your lap with stability, cooperation in the work place, improved communication skills and appraisal. Your wait could end as your long due promotions could happen now. An upswing in your Career Graph accompanied with supportive work environment would boost your confidence level. Natives could look forward to a push in their social status. Work related travel and journeys could bear fruitful results.

Professional fields to be benefitted


Jupiter is the “karaka” or natural signifier of wealth, finance, children, prosperity, logic, intellect and dharma. Hence all professional fields and individuals attached to the above line of work would get affected. Teachers and education related professionals would experience an upsurge. Share market and trading related careers could be benefitted. Entertainment professionals like those in media, arts, cinema and drama will gain name and fame. Experts at respectable positions in banks and treasuries, financiers, auditors, editors could be assisted favorably during this Jupiter Transit  2019-20.

“Dev guru” will also affect the reach and influence of Philosophers, councilors, spiritual gurus, saints and priest. Since Jupiter is large or expressive – becoming famous, gaining respect in society, promotions, progress is all governed by Jupiter. Jupiter is even connected to ‘Dharma’, so all professions connected to law, courts of law, are in its sphere of influence. Professionals in Foreign related jobs: like navy, off shore drilling, foreign trade, import and export and marine industries could feel the boost now.

The prospect to expand your contacts is very high as meeting influential and knowledgeable people is foreseen during the transit. Impending targets and assignments would get completed on time. For job seekers, this period would be very positive. Remember, “Well begun is half done”- so it’s advisable for job seekers looking for their first jobs to utilize this period to the best of their abilities. But again, all depends on the planetary positions at your birth and their relation to the transiting Jupiter now. To enjoy the blessing of this favorable Jupiter Transit into Sagittarius, a detailed personal approach will be more fruitful.

Jupiter Transit and your Moon Sign


The transiting Jupiter into Sagittarius may be favorable for natives belonging to Moon Signs, Scorpio, Aquarius, Gemini, Cancer and Leo where they will be most benefitted by this transit. However, Moon signs Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces will be mediocre level blessed during this transit of Jupiter in sagittarius on 9th November  2019. Unfortunately, this transit might not prove fruitful for Virgo and Aries Moon signs and they have to be careful during this transit period of Jupiter in Scorpio. During the Jupiter Transit in to Scorpio, people born in Moon Sign Pisces should avoid any new projects or job changes. Continue to Believe in your talent and skills and have confidence. However, the true impact of each planet and their transits will also depend on the position of the other planets in the birth chart. To get detailed analysis of your chart, order your Personalized Jupiter Transit Report 2019 with 25% Discount. Use Code- JTR25