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Benefits of Cat Eye Stone (Lahsuniya) - Why this Gemstone is recommended for Ketu?

Cat's Eye Gemstone or Lahasunya is a gem therapy recommended to strengthen weak Ketu and is identified by a striking beam of a ray passing through the gem. Abundantly, found in honey, yellowish-green or black colour, this gemstone is known by various names like Lehsunia, Cymophane, Vaiduria, and Chrysoberyl. Cat's eye gemstone

It enhances stability, support, courage, wisdom, and willpower. It brings enlightenment towards Moksha (liberation). Known for its power to draw sudden wealth in one’s life, it also invites new opportunities for growth and expansion. Moreover, it also helps in enhancing steadiness and sustainability in one’s life.

cats eye gemstone Indications of a weak or Afflicted Ketu

Typical signs of a weak Ketu are confusion and secret fear. Lack of insight, poor discrimination, lack of confidence, self-doubt, and ability to concentrate! They have a tendency to consider one’s true friend or well-wisher as their secret enemies. Perception will be poor or disturbed and the visions maybe week. There may be self-destructive tendencies and the individual will be prone to violence or injury as under mars, but of a collective nature. Ketu when weak makes us susceptible to being hurt in wars or mass calamities. The person may feel constricted, contracted and lacking in freedom. He or she may be attached to the past or to lost causes.

Physically, there is weak digestion, poor circulation, ulcers, anemia, and chronic bleeding disorders. There may be muscular problems or nervous system disorders, with possibly difficult or mysterious difficult to diagnose diseases like cancer and neurological disorders. They often suffer from wrong diagnosis and wrong treatments by consulting different doctors and healers because of confusion in their minds.


gemstone Astrological Factors


Ketu is weak in difficult houses, particularly the eighth, when aspected by malefic like Saturn and Mars, or when the planet that rules the sign where Ketu is located itself happens to be weak by being debilitated. Ketu itself is debilitated because it is located in Taurus.

However, when Ketu is strong, when it is with a benefic planet, in its own sign, or in its exalted sign like Scorpio or in the 12th house and not aspected by malefic then cat eye stone for Ketu can give magical results to increase its higher quality of Knowledge and spirituality, great intuition and power of concentration for the person.

Gemstones: The gem for Ketu is a Cat’s Eye (chrysoberyl family). It should be at least 3 carats in size and preferably set in gold. It should be worn on the middle finger of the right hand generally. The other forms of cat’s eye can be used as substitutes.

These gems should be put on first on a Saturday; or on the day of the planet which rules Ketu in the chart. Ketu should be in favourable signs or those favourable to the planet that rules it. Alternately a good muhurta should be chosen. So, if your astrologer recommends you to wear Cat’s eye to strengthen weak Ketu in your horoscope chart, you can buy from a wide range of gemstones available in supreme quality at an exciting price range. Order Now.