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The Balancing Act of Goddess of Wealth!

Lakshmi is symbolic of wealth and beauty. A wealthy person acquires power and often ego and pride also set in. With the said three attributes in place, birth of envy and enmity also cloud the surrounding relationships. Hence goddess Lakshmi also becomes indirectly responsible for the root of calamities.

Lakshmi is the symbol of life, nourishment and happiness. The secondary repercussions of wealth are the responsibility of Alakshmi. (All that does not stand for Lakshmi) Common folklore and hymns describe this image of Alakshmi as the elder sibling or elder sister of Lakshmi. A wise person knows that Alakshmi always accompanies Lakshmi. This Goddess of Strife is symbolized by the owl that sits at Lakshmi’s feet; a symbol of universal wisdom that warns about arrogance and indiscipline. It is important to respect this Goddess of Strife as without due attention, she can also create complete havoc and destruction.



Wealth and power are dispassionate and impersonal. One can never carry one’s wealth after death. It is left behind just as the seat of power and position left vacant for another deserving person. This is the reason why it is believed that Lakshmi has no favorites. Her duty is to maintain the rhythm of life. A bowl of rice satiates hunger; a blanket wards off cold; a beggar and a king are both subject to hunger and cold; both need sustenance and shelter.

Lakshmi stays with someone as long as the person is worthy of her. It is also believed that Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge and learning, wards off Alakshmi from other self, Lakshmi. The belief is in keeping with the concept that wisdom helps to bring restrain and balance in a person. Hindu philosophy is a maze of symbolism and the energy is inward bound. It makes one think and attain a state of perfection through the evolution of the intellect through higher intelligence. The planet Venus is symbolic of higher intelligence and the same planet is also a planet of wealth. In this context, Diamond is an important gemstone that people wear to enjoy the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. In order to please Goddess Lakshmi, Kanakdhara Yagna and Lakshmi Pooja is performed to get immediate relief from financial problems.

The Sea God Varuna is known as Lakshmi’s father. This is also symbolic as the sea is the ultimate source of water, thus life. The waves and their movement bring to the shore but never take anything.

Varuna is acclaimed as one of the most benevolent figure-heads; wealthy and boundless in generosity. The ebb and tide of the ocean reminds us of the rise and fall of fortune. Wealth is like water, it must flow, otherwise it stagnates and brings death and destruction. Similarly wealth must flow, change hands and hence Lakshmi is known as ‘Chanchala’ The Restless One. On the contrary, Alakshmi is not restless; once she finds a seat; the negative energy multiplies constantly till it engulfs the entire household. There has to be a very strong effort to loosen her grip; it is easier to maintain a life of harmony and devotion than to bring harmony and discipline in chaos. The planet Moon and Pearl is also very significant where Lakshmi is concerned.

Lakshmi and her endless blessings can help you lead a really successful life. The concept of Lakshmi is very easy to understand if we are receptive and open. The same is very difficult to discern when we become slaves to ego and power. In Indian philosophy, dharma is upheld as the prime responsibility that a person is entrusted with. Sunlight, lamp or light is representative of ‘dharma’. Deepawali literally means a series of lamps or Deepak. By lighting lamps, devotees embrace dharma and demonstrate their devotion. Lakshmi is said to visit and bestow her gifts to a household that is resplendent in lights. On the same day, gifts are exchanged between people which is symbolic of movement of wealth.

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