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Astrology Love Horoscope-Rekindle The Mores of Romance

A perfect romance straight out of the fairy-tale fantasies, many across the secretly harbor this dream. Everyone thinks they can find a perfect Mills & Boon romance, but it's harder than it looks. Most love stories soon turn to be a troublesome affair from classic fairytale setting. As the partners get used to each other, the thrill and excitement of the relation pales off and spark in the romance burns out. There are many who wish to give their love stories a new lease. Entailing article discusses different ways to help couples as well as singles rekindle the mores of romance and reignite the passion in their relation basis their astrology signs.

fire sign FIRE SIGNS


Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are astrology signs that come under the fire sign category. Such astrology signs pin down their trust on the traditional ways when it comes to winning the hearts of their loved ones. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius astrology signs may reignite their passion by making their partners feel special by considering fun activities that interest their partners. No matter, how hard you hate such changes.

Couples: If you are in a mundane relation and wish to reignite the passion of romance, try doing things that partner likes the most. Join dance classes together, go for candle-lit dinners or plan weekend getaways. Try everything possible to make your partner feel special and show that you care! Well, you may have to get out of your usual comfort zone, but remember everything would turn comfortable if you’ve your love by your side.

Singles: Planning to propose your love to someone? Find out the favorite activity of that someone special and impress them by trying those. Rest assured, you may discover a passion for such activities!

earth sign EARTH SIGNS


Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are astrology signs that come under the Earth sign category. Earth astrology signs are practical and humble and this helps them scale new heights in their career. But being too practical in love wouldn’t be that beneficial for Earth astrology signs. So if you want your name to rank high, try to do things that seem straight out of a fairy tale fantasy, no matter how impractical it seems.

Couples: Be Leave that quintessential practical approach behind and shower romantic gifts on your partner. Try taking your partner out on a sunset cruise, schedule a couple's massage at spa, or decorate your bedroom with flowers. Though it may sound pretty impractical for your nature, your partner is going to love all these. So get set to rekindle the mores of romance.

Singles: If you have been eyeing someone for a long time and planning to speak your heart out? Choose a romantic rooftop setting adorned with flowers, kneel down on your knees, gift a rose and then say those three golden words. Don’t take her/him to a chaotic restaurant and propose your love.

air sign AIR SIGNS


Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are astrology signs that come under the air sign category. Air astrology signs are disciplined and dedicated. This gives them an edge over other astrology signs. But your overtly dedication and possessiveness makes you not-so-good lover. So if you wish to rekindle your romance, try giving your partner some space.

Couples: Do your best to show that you care! Take your partner out for a candle-lit dinner; shake a leg with your partner at a discotheque; and gift chocolates and cakes to make them feel special. Make your perfectionist breathe to life and make your partner feel as if you are the perfect match for your partner and they wouldn’t get anyone better than you.

Singles: Well, if you have found out that someone special and are planning to say those three golden words, try not to do it in haste. Take your time, befriend the person first, make them feel your care and them propose your love. Rest assured, this approach will help you keep alive your love for a long time.

water sign WATER SIGNS


Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are astrology signs that come under the Water sign category. Such star signs are the hesitant kind and often do not express their love to their partners. If you are one amongst this sign and wish to rekindle your romance, try expressing your love and make your partner feel your warmth and care.

Couples: There are a hundred ways to rekindle your passion, but it’s only prudent for you to be expressive. Try expressing your true feelings and take out a day especially for your love, go on a lake-side picnic or steer out for a movie date. Take your partner to the place you two met for the first time and propose your love with flower and champagne yet again. Try these and you would definitely find your truce mantra.

Singles: Looking for that quintessential fairy-tale romance with

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