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How Astrology Helps You Pick the Academic Stream?

As per tradition, education is divine, and to succeed in studies, it is important to know our passion for a specific subject. But can passion alone make us successful? Hindu scriptures state that it is not our passion alone that decides our success but even our destiny has got a role in it. And how does your destiny determine the future? Vedic astrology has got the answer for it.

Often, we see engineering graduates working at banks as cashiers or law graduates working as marketing executives. It is not just because they couldn’t excel in studies but most of these people might have scored good grades in academics but couldn’t succeed in a profession or failed to find a good opening in their respective turf. This is because they failed to realize where their future is. Vedic astrology helps you recognize the sectors where you could excel and pick your respective academic streams. Astrology Education Forecast guidance helps parents to pick the right subject for their children from the beginning.

acedemic stream Education in Horoscope


Which are the planets vital for education in the horoscope?

  • Jupiter, Mercury, and Moon are crucial in determining the studies.
  • Jupiter represents knowledge and wisdom and it helps us to assimilate the knowledge we gather from different sources.
  • Mercury denotes quick intelligence. It gives quick grasping power, without which, it is difficult to excel in studies.
  • The moon symbolizes the mind and to excel in studies, the power to concentrate is crucial. And hence, the moon is significant in the horoscope.


How do planets signify the branch of education?

  • Sun denotes science, medicine, chemistry, doctors, light, heat, solar and government, etc.
  • Moon signifies marine engineering, hotel management, human resource, nursing, sales, and marketing, etc.
  • Mars represents engineering, analysis, research, physics, technology, surgery, power, and energy, etc.
  • Mercury signifies commerce, astrology, mathematics, accounts, finance, and logic, etc. A combination of Mars and Mercury offers analysis.
  • Jupiter signifies philosophy, languages, and finance, etc. Its combination with the Sun indicates biology, genetics, and microbiology, etc.
  • Venus denotes arts, music, dance, chemicals, chemistry, perfume, and social studies, etc
  • Saturn denotes history, politics, ancient science, and mythology, etc. The 5th house denotes politics.
  • Rahu signifies MBA, photography, acting, etc.
  • Ketu signifies medicine, mathematics, accounts, occult subjects, etc.


="title-2 pt-1">caree acedemic stream How should your horoscope be for different study streams?


Let us now see the combination in the horoscope to excel in different study streams based on which career prediction by the date of birth is made.

career stream Astrological combination for the medical field


To excel in medical studies, your birth chart must have a strong Jupiter and Mercury. Along with these two planets, the Moon and Sun should also be stronger for you becoming a doctor. If your chart has a combination of disease 1, 6, 8, 12 with that of good houses of education, you will outshine as a doctor.

acedemic astrology Astrological combination for engineering stream


You need to have Mars and Saturn in the birth chart to be an engineer. When your horoscope has combinations of houses 8, 12 with 4, 5, 9, and 11 that represent good education, you will excel in engineering studies.

Similarly, when any chart has Saturn-Mars combination or Saturn -Mars in mutual aspect or Saturn-Mars in 4-10 or Saturn -Mars in Sign exchange, the possibility of pursuing the engineering stream is high. In addition, the horoscope should also show the 5th Lord, 9th Lord, Jupiter, and Mercury in a good condition.

career astrology Astrological combination for business management or MBA stream


When the horoscope shows a combination of 6th, 10th, 11th house, the native has a higher chance of studying business administration. As per Vedic astrology, Saturn and Sun are two crucial planets to pursue an MBA program. When the Mercury-Venus conjunction is good in the chart, the native will succeed in marketing and human resources.

career prediction What are some other combinations for different study streams?


In the horoscope, 2 and 11 along with good houses of education indicate commerce and CA. Mercury along with signs Virgo, Capricorn plays a vital role in excelling in economics. When you have a combination of

career How to get career predictions?


To get career predictions on the basis of date of birth is easy. We offer free career prediction reports as well as personal career prediction. Just check with our experts and know the convenient timing for a personal sitting where all your queries will be answered and effective guidance will be provided.

Choosing an academic stream as per the horoscope ensures success. It is crucial that parents analyze the horoscope of children before they are admitted to 11th grade to ensure they succeed in both academics and careers.