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Astrological Remedies May Solve Your Money Problems

Who doesn’t want money? We all aspire to earn wealth and if someone claims otherwise, he is just bluffing. And though you may get hundreds of suggestions about how to accumulate wealth, most among them might be misleading. But let us assure you here that resolving money-related problems is not as complicated as they seem to be. We have got a few simple and easy ways to solve your money problems – all based on Vedic astrology, hence promising utmost positive results. 

Make Lakshmi Happy to Be Wealthy

Goddess Lakshmi represents wealth in Indian mythology and as per shastras, making Goddess Lakshmi happy is the way to earn wealth. Goddess Lakshmi is also known as Shree and worshipping her in different ways helps you resolve the financial issues in life.  

One of the easiest ways to worship Shree Lakshmi Devi is to worship a Shree Yantra at home

What is the significance of Shree Yantra?

Shree Yantra personifies Goddess Lakshmi. The yantra is an instrument of wealth, health, and harmony. Many divine books even address Shree Yantra as the mother of all the yantras in the universe. It brings in prosperity and removes the negativity around when placed in the North-East direction at home or office or business place. The tip of the Yantra should face the east direction. The level of the eye and the level of the Shree Yantra should be equal.

Shree Yantra pendant is another remedy for all your money problems. While Shree Yantra is placed in the northeast direction at home, Shree Yantra pendant is worn around the neck to attract prosperity and remove all negativity from life. A Shree Yantra is normally meant for a specific place while the Shree Yantra pendant is designed for individuals. It is highly impactful and experts suggest that wearing it continuously will bring a person closer to Goddess Lakshmi, which also means prosperity.

Yellow Sapphire is another remedy for money problems

One of the valued gemstones of navratnas, the Yellow Sapphire holds a significant place in Indian astrology. Yellow sapphire, as per Hindu scriptures, brings in immense wealth and fortune. The gem, also known as ‘Pukhraj’ or ‘Push Raja’, or ‘Peetmani’, is associated with Brihaspati, the dev guru, and is powerful enough to bring in prosperity, happiness, and wealth. In addition, Hindu astrology also states that Yellow Sapphire can shower marital happiness for women and protect the wearer from all evils.

Perform Deepawali Puja to please Goddess Lakshmi

Another way to make Goddess Lakshmi happy is to perform Deepawali Puja. Worshiping Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha on Deepawali eve is auspicious and will definitely bring prosperity to the home and people around you. Vedic experts and texts state that Deepawali is significant for its date and when you perform a special puja worshipping Goddess Lakshmi, it can be highly impactful. When bringing prosperity to life is your goal, perform a special annual Deepawali puja.

Doing Kanakdhara Yagna brings prosperity

As per Hindu mythology, Adi Shankaracharya chanted Kanakdhara stotram for the first time to shower golden Indian gooseberry or Amla, and from then, chanting Kanakdhara stotram or performing Kanakdhara Yagna is considered the best way to bring prosperity in life. Kanakdhara Yagna is the form of worshipping Goddess Lakshmi by scientifically chanting Kanakdhara stotram. And it is proven that if performed properly, the yagna will resolve financial issues and bring in wealth. Experts can conduct personalized Kanakdhara Yagna at homes or specific places.

Worship Lord Hanuman on his birthday

Lord Hanuman also symbolizes might. He is capable of doing anything on this planet and is efficient to eliminate all hurdles in life. Worshipping Lord Hanuman on his birthday or Hanuman Jayanti is also a way to please him and request his help to ward off all financial hurdles. When you pray to Lord Anjaneya, he will be your protector and would act as a kavach or armor against all miseries in life including monetary issues. Why not worship Lord Hanuman during this Hanuman Jayanti ceremony to bring prosperity in life?

How does a financial forecast help in overcoming money problems?

You can even get a personal financial forecast to know your financial status. An expert astrologer like CyberAstro analyzes the birth chart to prepare a financial forecast based on Vedic astrology, which provides the detailed ups and downs in financial status. Apart from analyzing the financial forecast, the astrologer will also be able to answer your specific financial concerns and suggest astrological remedies for the monetary problems you face. For example, if a specific dosha is causing a financial challenge or a position in the horoscope may impact the financial condition in the near future, the astrologer can suggest different solutions including specific puja to ward off the negative impact.

The birth chart will include your name, date, and time of birth, including the place of the birth, and an expert astrologer will do a detailed study to prepare a chart. Based on the planetary positions in the horoscope, the financial forecast can be either positive or negative, both impacting personal life. However, specific pujas can resolve the challenges and an expert astrologer can walk you through the different options.