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Astrological Benefits of Pearl Gemstone

Pearl gemstone, Indian Name – Moti, is one of the precious gemstones amongst important Navgraha gemstones. Pearl is a gemstone that represents Planet Moon which symbolizes our mind, thinking ability, self-confidence, as per Vedic Astrology.

pearl Why one should wear it?


This gemstone is said to strengthen mental abilities of an individual who choose to wear it. Wearing this gemstone boost one’s concentration power, invoke creative thoughts in individuals & enhance memory power prompting one to think out-of- the- box and impresses subordinates and bosses with sharp mind. Hence, it is highly suitable for professionals who have to apply creative ideas and promptness in activities. In addition, this gemstone calm anger, cures depression, relieves one from over-anxiety and help lead a peaceful life.

pearl gemstone Some other features

It also enhances one’s thinking power, sharpens memory and helps in career enhancement with creativity & uniqueness in thoughts. It is a suitable gemstone for individuals who wish to get relief from over-anxiety and short-tempered behavior. This gem is highly beneficial in making a sound and cordial relationship with his/her mother. Recommended purely for freedom from grief and depression!

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pearl Physical Healing Benefits


On the physical level, pearl cure heart related diseases. This pure gemstone help calm angry nerves thereby improves functioning of mind muscle. In addition, this divine gemstone help cure issues related to spleen, stomach, ulcer and intestine. Help regulate blood pressure and keep a check on body heat.

It is observed that due to stress and workload, people are experiencing lack of sleep and may even suffer from insomnia. If you choose to wear Moti, your discomfort in going to bed for sleep will be relieved. Gemstones are perennial precious source made of inexhaustible energy. Astrologically, these possess immense potential to augment the potentiality of a meticulous gem for each planet. They are generally chosen to be worn to reap best benefits regarding health, wealth, popularity and power.

From times immemorial, these stones are used by women, royalties, nobles as jewelry items to adorn and beautify. However, they are known to bring potentiality of a particular gem meant to strengthen effect of particular planet. Astrologically, if your astrologer recommends you to wear Moti, you should opt for it. It not only calms anger and keep you composed and silent. It indirectly pose a great impact on your personal and professional life. Normally, depending upon birth chart details, a particular gem is suggested by astrologer to be worn for increasing power, wealth and reputation apart from preventing various physical disorders and diseases. Also if you go back to ancient times, you will get to know Kings used to wear & collect the best of gems to protect themselves from negative vibes & safeguard from bad evils. Also it makes them to stay in power and increase their longevity. That’s why trend is followed till date to have precious and semi-precious gems for professional and personal benefits.