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What is Ashtakbarga strength?

Ashtakbarga is the most unique and most sophisticated system of Analysis in Vedic astrology. The principals of Ashtakbarga analysis are as follows. It assumes that each planet as it is continuously moving through Zodiac from one sign to the next sign, it delivers X beneficial units to each individual. The value of X is unique for each individual and is computed from the natal chart. The minimum vale of ( X) can be (zero) and the maximum value can be (8 units) in any sign.

Each planet moves through the zodiac at different speeds. The fastest moving planet is Moon which completes it’s transit through one sign in just 2 and quarter days and completes one round of the zodiac in 27 days approximately. The slowest moving planet is Saturn. It takes approximately 2 and half years to transit through one zodiac sign and it takes 30 years to complete one round of the Zodiac covering all the 12 signs.

Ashtakbarga principals assume that nature is completely neutral and it does not favor any individual over another individual. For every body, You , me or President Barack Obama, each planet will always deliver a fixed number of beneficial units as it completes one complete round of the Zodiac. But it is different for each planet. Jupiter which is the greatest natural benefic will deliver 56 beneficial units for an individual .Whereas Saturn or Mars the worst natural malefic will be quite miser and will deliver only 39 beneficial units to any individual. Though the total no. of beneficial units will be the same for all charts, but how these number will be distributed over each of the 12 zodiac signs will be unique for every individual and computation for the same is done in the Ashtakbarga chart. For any sign this number can be any number between zero to eight.



Since the total is the same for any chart, if in a particular chart, a specific sign will get 8 units, then obviously some other signs in the same chart will get low number of beneficial units which can be as low as zero. Here lies the great mystery and excitement of our unique Ashtakbarga chart computed from our natal chart.

What do the benific units of each zodiac sign signify ?

In Ashtakbarga chart each Zodiac sign of 30 degrees is divided into 8 equal sectors. Each sector signifies 3degrees 45 minutes movement of a specific planet through that Zodiac sign. The value in Ashtakbarga chart for each sector can be 1 or it can be zero. It is a binary condition and it means when the sector score is one the planet is 100 % beneficial or Auspicious in our life. If the sector score is Zero then it means the planet is 100% malefic or inauspicious in our life.