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An Astrological Expose: How Easy or Difficult Is It to Send Your Kids to School

Sending small kinds to the school for the first time often turns out to be a tricky task for most parents. Making new friends, dealing with strict school teachers and getting away from parents often makes small kids feel anxious about going to school for the first time. Child astrology is perhaps the best way to understand some cardinal rules that help parents send off their kids to school for the first time. Based on the Sun sign qualities, here’s a little smattering on some vital tips that may help you send off your kid to the school for the first time.

astrology Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn Kids


Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are considered to be the cardinal signs and accept changes easily. So if your kid is any of these signs, it will be fairly easy to send them to the school for the first time. These kids will be happy to accept the change and will enjoy their school time and will come back with a long list of stories about how they sent their time in school, their new friends and the games they played. However, some of these kids may initially resist going to school daily and it makes sense to let your kid know about the importance of school, the kind of fun that await them in their school and the possibility of making new friends.

If your child is Aries, woo them to school by dressing them up in shiny school uniforms! If your kid’s sun sign is Cancer, tempt your child to school by gifting them a new toy or a brand new school bags and accessories embossed with their favorite cartoons. If he/she is a Libra, gift them beauty accessories and discuss new opportunities and unlimited fun that await them in school if your child’s sun-sign is Capricorn.

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icon Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius Kids


Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are considered to be the fixed signs and are usually defiant of changes. So if your kid is any of these signs, be sure of letting your child know about their new school, class and chances of meeting new friends for these kids hate surprises and are often resistant of sudden changes. Remember not to get irritated and explain such kids so as to why is going to school important and tempt them with lucrative opportunities such as toys, playground, new uniforms, etc at school. These kids have a tendency to impress others so help them understand how they will be able to impress you by going to their new schools regularly.

Tempt your Taurus’ kid with their favorite cuisines in their Tiffin boxes for these kids love good food. Explain your Leo child how going to school may help him become someone very special for Leo kids are often found to be fond of impressing people. Scorpio kids often long for their parents company and it is important to let them know that it is perfectly ok to be alone in school. Aquarius kids’ are often found to be interested in arts and tempt them to school with artsy things.

vedic Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces Kids


Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are considered to be the Mutable signs and are usually the most relaxed of all signs and easily adapts to new situations. So if your kid is any of these signs, relax for your child is joyful in nature and will not create a ruckus while going to school for the first time. However, such kids get bored with monotonous routine very easily. It is important to make school going an interesting activity for them so that they don’t get bored with it.

It is important to include artsy things in the school bags of your Gemini child in order to make school going interesting for your child. Try to make everything perfect for your Virgo child so that they do not get bored of school. Allure your Sagittarius kid to school with unlimited fun and delicious lunch and let your curious Pisces child know that they can get all answers for their questions in the school.