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A Little Window to the Lucky Color, Stone & Days of Each Zodiac Sign

Vedic Astrology deals with the reading of a person's Horoscope Chart. For each Horoscope Chart, the time and place of birth and planetary influences in relation to the birth details are carefully analyzed to know about the character traits and other vital zodiac details about the individual.

There are twelve different signs of zodiac and each sign reflects an independent and strong typology, complementary to the other signs, expressing by itself its nature and its personality with its characteristics, its tendencies and its motivations. Here’s a table that represents the lucky color, lucky stone and lucky days of the week for each zodiac sign.

Zodiac Signs Represented By Represented Name Birth Month Lucky Color Lucky Stone Lucky Day
1 Aries The Ram March 21 - April 20 Red Heliotrope Tuesday
2 Taurus The Bull April 21 - May 20 Brown Emerald Friday
3 Gemini The Twins May 21 - June 21 Silver Crystal Wednesday
4 Cancer The Crab June 22 - July 22 White Moonstone Monday
5 Leo The Lion July 23 - Aug 22 Orange Diamond Sunday
6 Virgo The Virgin Aug 23 - Sep 22 Yellow Agate Wednesday
7 Libra The Scales Sep 23 - Oct 22 Blue Opal Friday
8 Scorpio The Scorpion Oct 23 - Nov 21 Black Malachite Tuesday
9 Sagittarius The Centaur Nov 22 - Dec 20 Indigo Carbuncle Thursday
10 Capricorn The Goat Dec 21 - Jan 19 Grey Jade Saturday
11 Aquarius The Water Bearer Jan 20 - Feb 18 Navy blue Sapphire Saturday
12 Pisces The Fish Feb 19 - March 20 Purple Amethyst Thursday