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"Vaastu" translates to building. It may mean habitat. The building stands upon the earth and as such this makes it a permanent fixture perpetually subject to the rays of the sun upon it in a certain manner. The study of Vaastu is a systematic science that deals with the geological impact of this planet upon earth.

This is an ancient science that pertained to construction of houses. In Bhavisyottara Purana, an interesting epic portraying future, stressed upon the fact that every living mortal should have a house and that it should be perfect or ideal for residence. It also states that the inhabitants of the house can improve or perpetuate harmony and prosperity by certain rituals and ceremonies. Sages in the ancient referred to Vaastu as a means of human welfare. It has been practiced since ancient times and according to historians this genre of science developed during the period of 6000- 3000BC.

When we consider a building, the positive and negative vibes felt within it has direct connection with the geological impact on it. The residents feel the vibes which permeate into their life and life style.

It has been found that houses constructed with as per Vaastu specifications become an abode of joy and harmony. It is the residents’ state of minds and their progress in life that speaks of their Vaastu perfect habitat.

The rays of the Sun are our life force and it is in constant supply through Sun and Moon. All other planets shine in Sun’s rays. Though Sun is a malefic but it is our basic source of life. It is fiery in nature and its radiating heat can burn and destroy, on the other hand it can make flowers bloom. There is a need to understand the subtlety of moderation that ultimately produces the best result. Houses built casually may be Vaastu perfect by chance but mostly it is found that it is moderate. The result of this on the residents is that they lead a mediocre life. While it is mostly possible to make Vaastu correction to an already existing building, it is also possible to reduce negative energy generated by a vaastu imperfect habitat.