The Basis to Know Your Name Number

Which Name Should you Use?

The name on your birth certificate or the one given to you when you were born is generally considered the name to use for Numerology purposes.

You were given the very name you got because it is the correct set of vibrations; you need to achieve your destiny to work on your karmic lessons and for your soul to express itself fully in this lifetime using Adopted Name or Name changes.

Once you have figured out your Name Number, find out the name number using your nickname or adopted name or changed name. This name will show you who you have become.

Your Married Name shows energy or lessons that you added to your life during the period you carried that name. It represents the energy you drew to you that you needed in order to learn the next step. Figure out your name number using your married name separately.

You will have the vibrations of all the different names within you-although consider the name given to you at birth as the true essence of who you are and other names as the energy you drew to you to work with in this lifetime.