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Pt. Kamlesh Trivedi is a Vedic astrologer, and hails from an Indian traditional family of Vedic pundits. His strong interests in the mysteries of Astrology, palmistry kindled his desire for studying Vedic astrology and then adopt it as a profession to help the people.

Mr. Trivedi has acquired his basic astrological foundation from his father and grandfather. He has studied Vedic astrology under the guidance of authentic Vedic astrologers of Southern India.

Since 20 years He has been helping clients in providing realistic solutions and finest remedies in overcoming their issues. These astrological solutions help them to get job satisfaction, growth aspect, health, finding aright life partner, business line, strengths & weaknesses etc.

Sri Trivedi also practices Horary astrology or Prashna jyotisha (KP Astrology) where clients can get to their answers without the need of birth details. He is an expert in decoding the chart with astrological principles and in suggesting best remedies through his intuitive abilities and clairvoyance.

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