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Dignity of Planet Saturn

The actual status of a planet in the natal chart depends on both the sign and the house where the planet is located in the natal chart. Saturn is no exception. The key to the natal status of a planet in the chart is it’s “Dignity.” For a comprehensive analysis the status of a planet, an astrologer has to examine it’s DIGNITY not only in the natal chart but also in 16 divisional charts. Each divisional chart is studied with respect to different aspects in our life. For instance the Navamsa chart which is the 9th harmonic chart computed from natal chart is studied for spouse and marriage. Hence, for any planet in your chart including Saturn, the best dignity will be exalted and the worst dignity will be Debilitated.

We will discuss about divisional charts at some future date. For the present let us understand What is Dignity of a planet?

The Dignity of a planet in our natal birth chart, is basically what relationship the particular planet has with the Lord or the ruling planet of the zodiac sign where it is located. These relationships can be of the following 9 types given in the decreasing order of favorable effects of that particular planet in the chart.


planet saturn The 9 Dignities are as follows :

  • Exalted
  • Mool Trikona
  • Own sign
  • Great Friend
  • Friend
  • Neutral
  • Enemy
  • Great Enemy
  • Debilitated

Hence for any planet in your chart including Saturn, the best dignity will be exalted and the worst dignity will be Debilitated. For Saturn the sign of exaltation will be Libra and the sign of debilitation will be Aries.

Apart from the dignity of the planet every other planet excluding Sun and Moon can be direct or retrograde. Rahu and Ketu are always retrograde. Saturn/ Jupiter/ Mars/ Venus gets into retrograde motion when we observe the planets from earth appear moving backwards or in the clockwise direction instead of their direct motion which is always anticlockwise. Mercury becomes retrograde 4 times during a year. If a person is born when a planet is retrograde that will signify the particular planet is retrograde in the person’s natal chart.

Retrograde planet creates special effects in a person’s life usually it is negative effects signifying delays and obstacles and specially negative effects for health. However, as mentioned earlier some astrologers consider retrograde Saturn better for material progress in life than direct Saturn in the natal chart.

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This is the story of the natal status of planet in a person’s chart. The dignity of the planet is the Key indicator of a planet’s positive or negative influence in a person’s life.