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Vastu Shastra for Small Factory

Small Factories are usually located at industrial areas. Sometimes, they are also run from residential areas, For example, many a Garment and Dyeing units are run from residential areas. In such units, usually the functional personnel are seated in a haphazard manner, without proper planning. As a result, the area is allocated and re-allocated, as and when activities take place. Such planning hinders growth of the small factory, since it causes negative energies to build up rapidly. This in turn would result in all kinds of business reverses.

CyberAstro, through its Vastu Audit and Vastu Rectification Report, can assist you optimally allocate and utilize your small factory premises.

  Your Input
1. Plot/Land diagram
2. Details of Environmental surroundings, Natural, Man- made structure
3. Complete information about functional units/departments
4. Water Body
5. Electric panel
   Our Deliverables
1. Vastu Audit Report-
  • Weightage allocation to each functional unit
  • Vastu compliance ranking of each section’s details given by you
2. Vastu Rectification Report-
  • Recommendation for rectification to non-Vastu compliant functional utility
3. Composite Vastu compliance ranking after rectification
4. Vastu compliant schematic layout plan with complete functionality

5. Suggestion for the placement of machines and other articles inside the Factory