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Vastu shastra for Land

For any construction, selection of auspicious land is crucial, as it determines the future and destiny of the commercial or residential property. The first step while selecting land is that it should emit positive energy. In other words, it should be 'alive' (jeevit). On the contrary, land that is 'dead' (mrit) emits negative energy. Such tracts of land should never be considered, whether for residential or commercial purposes, as they would result in misfortune and gloom all around.

The first choice is Land that has produced successful, eminent people. Along with color and texture of the soil, land shape also plays a very important role in selection of land. Other factors such as the situation of roads, bridges, wells, obstructions, etc., are also important while selecting land, from the Vastu shastra for Land

  Your Input
1. Plot/Land diagram
2. Details of area to be constructed
3. Details of Environmental surroundings, Natural, Man- made structure
4. Roads and other facilities around the Land
5. Slope of the Land
   Our Deliverables
1. Vastu Audit Report
  • Weightage allocation to each functional unit
  • Vastu compliance ranking of each section’s details given by you
2. Vastu Rectification Report-
  • Recommendation for rectification to non-Vastu compliant functional utility
  • Recommendation for the area to be constructed
  • Recommendation for the main entrance and positioning for the built up area
3. Composite Vastu compliance ranking after rectification
4. Summary Report- Final Recommendation