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Vastu Shastra for Bungalow/Kothi

A Kothi/ Bungalow is a luxury, usually the dream of the owner. It is the owner's place for relaxation. We realize that you would have put in years of service, to construct your dream house. CyberAstro can assist you in selecting land or achieve best Vastu-compliance during the construction of your Kothi.

Our services like Vastu Shastra for Bungalow/Kothi in the form of Vastu Compliance Audit Report for land can help you to take the right decision from amongst various alternative plots of land, for your dream home. In case you have already purchased land and have obtained approval for your building plan, CyberAstro is in a position to study and advise you on Vastu Compliance and make a Rectification Report. This will help you build an optimal, Vastu-compliant Kothi and help you realize life-long positive Vastu energies!

  Your Input
1. Plot/Land diagram
2. Details of Environmental surroundings, Natural, Man- made structure
3. Architectural schematic layout plan showing functional utilities of the Kothi/Bungalow
4. Position and orientation of water body
5. Position and orientation of electric panel of the Kothi/Bungalow
6. Roads and other facilities around the land
   Our Deliverables
1. Vastu Audit Report of the architectural schema-
  • Weightage allocation to each functional unit
  • Vastu compliance ranking of each section’s details given by you
2. Vastu Rectification Report-
  • Recommendation for rectification to non-Vastu compliant functional utility
  • Suggestion for the placement of furniture and other articles inside the Kothi/ Bunglow
  • Suggestion for the right functional usage with respect to the family members of the house
3. Composite Vastu compliance ranking after rectification
4. Summary Report- Final Recommendation