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Vastu Shastra for Farm / Country House

In today's urban city life, most people are forced to choose pre-determined flats that are designed, planned and constructed by builders and land promoters. In such flats, it is doubtful whether the principles of Vastu have been applied. And, if they have not been applied, there is limited scope for the buyer to make functional alterations to the existing or proposed construction.

CyberAstro is aware of this limitation and therefore, will provide Vastu Compliance Report for Vastu Shastra for Farm / Country House as well as Vastu Rectification Report services, enabling potential flat buyers to make well-informed decisions. Even if you have already occupied a flat, our Vastu Audit Report and Vastu Rectification Report will assist you in taking corrective steps to enhance Vastu energies in your flat.

  Your Input
1. Plot/Flat diagram
2. Details of Environmental surroundings, Natural, Man- made structure
3. Layout plan showing functional utilities of the Flat
4. Position and orientation of water body
5. Position and orientation of electric panel of the Flat
   Our Deliverables
1. Vastu Audit Report
  • Weightage allocation to each functional unit
  • Vastu compliance ranking of each section’s details given by you
2. Vastu Rectification Report-
  • Recommendation for rectification to non-Vastu compliant functional utility
  • Suggestion for the placement of furniture and other articles inside the Flat
  • Suggestion for the right functional usage with respect to the family members of the house
3. Composite Vastu compliance ranking after rectification
4. Summary Report- Final Recommendation