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Vastu for Corporate Office

A Corporate Office is usually a large unit employing many people, even numbering in hundreds. Functional Heads, such as the Head of Administration, Accounts, Human Relations, etc., operate out of the Corporate Office. Often, various departments are arranged in contiguity, in Corporate Offices. For example, the Commercial and Accounts Departments could be located on the topmost floor, while Dispatch and other similar activities could be at the back of the building or in its basement. Some of these could be against the principles of Vastu. All these lead to creation of negative energy and hence, unfavorable results. As the CEO or a person in the top management of an organization, you would have noticed that despite efficient workers, despite excellent Administrative and financial policies, your company's goals remain unattained at times.

CyberAstro can assist you in rectifying such defects at any stage in the design, planning, interior decoration or construction of the Corporate Office, by means of its Vastu Audit and Vastu Rectification Reports.

  Your Input
  1. Plot/Office diagram
  2. Details of Environmental surroundings, Natural, Man- made structure
  3. Complete information about functional units/departments
  4. Architectural schematic layout plan showing sitting pattern in the office
  5. Water Body
  6. Electric panel
  7. Complete information about common utilities like parking area, canteen, gym etc
   Our Deliverables
1. Vastu Audit Report
  • Weightage allocation to each functional unit
  • Vastu compliance ranking of each section’s details given by you
2. Vastu Rectification Report-
  • Recommendation for rectification to non-Vastu compliant functional utility
  • Suggestion for the placement of machines and other articles inside the Industry
3. Composite Vastu compliance ranking after rectification
4. Vastu compliant schematic layout plan with complete functionality and sitting arrangements