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Vastu Shastra for Appartment

Apartments may be carried out by large builders or Group Co-operative Housing Societies. However, unless Vastu principles have been followed in its planning, design and construction, it may lead to deleterious results for its occupants, for the builder, or for the Housing Society itself. The first step in conforming to the principles of Vastu is selection of a suitable plot of land for constructing the apartment. Subsequent stages include matters like position of the Escalator, the Water Tank, Park / Gardens, Community Center, and other places of public and private interest like the Club House, etc.

CyberAstro is fully qualified to help in selecting the land, Vastu Shastra for Appartment as well as advising on all above matters relating to planning, design and construction for Residential Apartments. CyberAstro can also help in rectifying existing defects, if any. Interestingly, a number of builders have lately begun to claim that their constructions are Vastu-compliant!

  Your Input
1. Plot/Land diagram
2. Details of Environmental surroundings, Natural, Man- made structure
3. Survey Plan
4. Architectural schematic layout plan showing functional utilities of the Apartment
5. Your concept outlining the infrastructure elements that you need to build to create the residential apartment
6. Water Supply and details
7. Power supply and details
8. Roads and other facilities like parking
   Our Deliverables
1. Vastu Audit Report of the architectural schema-
  • Vastu ranking and weightage report as per the functional uses.
  • Vastu compliance ranking of each functional section of the Apartment
2. Vastu Report of the land suitability viz a viz shape, soil, quality, gradient of the land viz a viz environment around them
3. Complete Vastu compliant- Road layout and Electric layout based on your architectural input
4. Complete Vastu compliant- Drainage layout and Sewerage layout based on your architectural input
5. Complete Vastu compliance ranking score of the entire apartment
6. Summary Report- Final Recommendation
7. Revised Vastu Compliant schema of the complete apartment which closely translates the concept parameter as per Vastu principles