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Monthly Vedic Sky- September 2016 - By Dr. J. N. Pandey

Astrology can be a very good guide to a better life provided you are open to its projections rather than just its predictions. Over the years, astrology has evolved in various ways. In order to learn how to navigate, the first step is to understand your horoscope. While the natal positions decree certain situations and possibilities, the transits always bring in new and ever changing predictions as the planets keep to their movement in the Vedic sky.

Effect of transit of Sun into Gemini and Cancer
Planet Sun will be transiting in to Fiery and fixed sign Leo till 16th September 2016 and after that it will transit through Earthy and dual sign Virgo for the rest of the month of September 2016. Therefore, during the first half of the month some of government heads of the world might take certain bold and tough decisions to deal with certain burning domestic issues. They could also make some bold changes with some old policies considering long term national interest and could also implement the same despite of criticism and opposition. However, during the second half of the month, some powerful nation’s government heads might reach on pact/agreement despite of criticism by world community. During this month, there could be attempt with vested interest to destroy the image of some of powerful women holding top positions in governments or in other sectors of society.
Effect of transit of Mercury into Gemini, Cancer, Leo
Planet Mercury would start its journey from own sign Virgo with retrograde motion and will transit in to Leo on 9th September 2016 for the rest of the month but would take direct motion on 22nd September 2016. Therefore, during this month the market would start with a reverse trend and there could be uncertainty in the market due to retrogression of Mercury. The first half of month could also not play very positive role with respect to dialogue and discussions on different national and international forums. However, the last week of the month would stabilize the market and dialogue process could also move towards better outcome when Mercury would take direct motion in Leo.
Effect of transit of Moon into Aries and Gemini
Moon, the beautiful energy that helps us to connect to the finer things of life starts its quick-footed journey from Leo and will be in the sign Virgo at the end of the month.
Effect of transit of Mars into Libra and Scorpio
Planet Mars is the energy that helps us to push forward as well as attains our hopes and dreams; will transit in to own sign Scorpio till 17th September 2016 and after that it will transit in to Sagittarius for the rest of the month of September 2016. Therefore, during the first half of the month there could continuation with unrest in society in different parts of the world and loses of human being/infrastructure due to the incidents like flood, natural calamity/disasters. However, the situation could come under control during second half of September 2016 with due effort by governments and social activities where as armed forces could have upper hand on the anti social and anti nation aliments.
Effect of transit of Venus into Gemini and Cancer
Venus, the planet that signifies our sense of appreciation for good and beauty in all forms of harmony as well as wealth will start its journey with its debilitated sign Virgo and will transit in to own sign Libra on 19th September 2016 for the rest of the month. Therefore, during the first half of month there could be rise in crime against women in different sections of society and in different parts of world where as there could be also lots of controversies with entertainment industry and some good projects might not do well. However, during the second half of month prices for petroleum products may increase in international market and this period could prove beneficial for woman work force in different sections of society.
Effect of transit of Jupiter into Leo
Planet Jupiter which signifies wealth, peace and prosperity in the society, has already transited in to Virgo on 12th August 2016 for almost next one year period. Therefore, this transit could play good role with respect to revival of world economy and different countries might start discussion to make common program and policies on trade and transactions. This transit could bring positivity in the life of common people individually but the placement of Jupiter in their own birth chart and its relation with natal Jupiter could also play major role in this regard.
Effect of transit of Saturn into Scorpio
Planet Saturn has already made its major transit on 2nd November 2014, which is transiting in to Scorpio for the next two and half years. Therefore, the people who are going through Sade Sati of Dhaiya could face certain issues but it would also impact as per the position and relation of transiting Saturn with different Moon signs.
Effect of transit of Rahu into Leo & Ketu into Aquarius
The eternally retrograde energies Rahu and Ketu have already transited in to Leo and Aquarius respectively on 30th January 2016 for next one and half years. Therefore, these transit of planet Rahu and Ketu could bring lots of positive and negative impacts in the life of common people due to their placements in individual birth charts.