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Astrology can be a very good guide to a better life provided you are open to its projections rather than just its predictions. Over the years, astrology has evolved in various ways. In order to learn how to navigate, the first step is to understand your horoscope. While the natal positions decree certain situations and possibilities, the transits always bring in new and ever changing predictions as the planets keep to their movement in the Vedic sky.

Planet Sun will transit in sign Taurus and then into Gemini

Planet Sun will start its journey from Earthy and fixed sign Taurus and it will transit in to Airy and dual sign Gemini on 15th June 2018 for the rest of the month. Therefore, during the first half of the month different state heads or governments may take a firm stand on certain policy matter and try to build up consensus through dialogue and discussions on different forums. However, during the second half of the month there could be sharp debate and criticism of those policies among intellectuals and in public in general, which may force policy makers to go for amendments.

Planet Mercury will transit into Gemini and then in sign Cancer

Planet Mercury will start its journey with the sign Taurus and will transit in to own sign Gemini on 10th June 2018 but again it will transit in Cancer on 25th June 2018. Therefore, the month could start on a stable note in the market but during the period from 10th June to 25th June 2018 there could be lots of fluctuation and uncertainty in the market. However, there could be sharp rise in the market and with the prices of commodity items during last week of the month but it would attract confidence of the investor community. Dialogue and discussions between nations on bilateral issues or on international forums may also face uncertainty during the middle part of the month but it may resume or come up with fruitful results during the last week of the month.

Planet Moon will transit in sign Sagittarius and then into Capricorn

Moon, the beautiful energy that helps us to connect to the finer things of life starts its quick-footed journey from Sagittarius and will be in the sign Capricorn at the end of the month.

Planet Mars will transit into sign Capricorn

Planet Mars is the energy that helps us to push forward as well as attains our hopes and dreams will transit in to its exalted sign Capricorn during this whole month of June 2018 but it will take retrograde motion on 26th June 2018. Hence, during this month state armed forces could be able to downsize terror activities in different parts of the world and could be able to prevent some big terror activity plans. However, during the last week of the month certain successful attempts by terrorist origination could boost morale of anti nation and anti social aliments. There could be also some incidents of natural calamity, which may give big losses to mankind.

Planet Venus will transit in sign Gemini and then into Cancer

Venus, the planet that signifies our sense of appreciation for good and beauty in all forms of harmony as well as wealth will start its journey from sign Gemini and it will transit in to Cancer on 9th June 2018 for the rest of the month. Therefore, during this whole month there could be bullish trend in the market and prices for petroleum products could be also on higher side where as entertainment industry may also come up with some good projects.

Planet Jupiter will transit into sign Libra

Planet Jupiter which signifies wealth, peace and prosperity in the society, has already transited in to Libra on 12th September 2017 for next one year but it is transiting with retrograde motion during the whole month of June 2018. Hence, the transit impact of planet Jupiter is in a reverse trend on world economy and the same could also impact individual life. It’s positive or negative impact as per the placement of Jupiter in own birth chart could also take a reverse trend and the same would influence our individual life.

Planet Saturn will transit into sign Sagittarius

Planet Saturn has already made major transit of the year on 27th January 2017 after moving in to the sign of Jupiter i.e. Sagittarius for next two and half years. It will continue its transit in to same sign during this month with retrograde motion so, lots of people might feel relief due to this transit of Saturn who were under the influence of Shani Sade Sati and Dhaiya but some people may feel its negative impact due to start of Sade Sati or Dhaiya.

Planet Rahu and Ketu will transit into sign Cancer and Capricorn

The eternally retrograde energies Rahu and Ketu has also made another major transit of year 2017 when they transited in to Cancer and Capricorn respectively on 18th August 2017 for next one and half years. Therefore, these transit of planet Rahu and Ketu could bring lots of positive and negative impacts in the life of common people due to their placements in individual birth charts.

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