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Monthly Vedic Sky-January 2017 - By Chief Astrologer Dr. J. N. Pandey (View Profile)

( Team Cyber Astro wishes you a happy and prosperous year 2017 )

Astrology can be a very good guide to a better life provided you are open to its projections rather than just its predictions. Over the years, astrology has evolved in various ways. In order to learn how to navigate, the first step is to understand your horoscope. While the natal positions decree certain situations and possibilities, the transits always bring in new and ever-changing predictions as the planets keep to their movement in the Vedic sky.

Effect of transit of Sun into Sagittarius and Capricorn
Planet Sun will be transiting into fiery and dual sign Sagittarius till 13th January 2017 and it will transit into Earthy and movable sign Capricorn on 14th January 2017 for the rest of the month. Therefore, the year would start on a conflicting note on policy formulation and implementation of the same. Hence, during the first half of the month, there could be a difference of opinion between different government bodies or ruling and opposition parties in different countries. However, the second half of the month could be an icebreaker and there could be a movement to make consensus considering the interest of public and society.
Effect of transit of Mercury into Sagittarius
Planet Mercury will be transiting into sign Sagittarius during this whole month of January 2017 but it would take direct motion on 8th January 2017. Therefore, after 8th January 2017, there could be clarity in the market and it could see an upward trend with respect to price and transactions for commodity items. Similarly, the dialogue process between nations on bilateral issues or on international forums could also resume if the same was on hold.
Effect of transit of Moon into Sagittarius and Capricorn
Moon, the beautiful energy that helps us to connect to the finer things of life starts its quick-footed journey from Sagittarius and will be in the sign Capricorn at the end of the month.
Effect of transit of Mars into Aquarius and Pisces
Planet Mars is the energy that helps us to push forward as well as attains our hopes and dreams; will transit into sign Aquarius until 19th January 2017 and after that it would transit through Pisces for the rest of the month of January 2017. Therefore, until 19th January there could be some incident of natural calamity or man-made disaster in different parts of the world due to its transit into the sign of Saturn but this period would give the upper hand to state armed forces over anti-social or anti-nation aliments. After its movement into Pisces, different countries of the world could formulate some strong policies to deal with terrorist originations and to downsize those ailments.
Effect of transit of Venus into Aquarius and Pisces
Venus, the planet that signifies our sense of appreciation for good and beauty in all forms of harmony as well as wealth will be transiting into sign Aquarius until 26th January 2017 but it will transit into its exalted sign Pisces at the end of the month on 27th January 2017. Therefore, the month indicates stability on the oil prices in the international market as well as in the prices for petroleum products. However, the last week of the month could play a very favorable role with respect to the entertainment industry and for woman empowerment in the world.
Effect of transit of Jupiter into Virgo
Planet Jupiter which signifies wealth, peace, and prosperity in the society, has already transited into Virgo on 12th August 2016 for almost next one year period. Therefore, this transit could play a favorable role with respect to the revival of the world economy and different countries might start a discussion to make common program and policies on trade and transactions. This transit could also bring positivity in the life of common people individually but the placement of Jupiter in their own birth chart and its relation with natal Jupiter could also play a major role in this regard.
Effect of transit of Saturn into Scorpio and Sagittarius
Planet Saturn is transiting into sign Scorpio until 26th January 2017 but after that, it will make the major transit of the year 2017 when it will move into the sign of Jupiter i.e. Sagittarius for next two and half years. Therefore, lots of people will come out from the influence of Shani Sade Sati and Dhaiya whereas lots of people will come under the influence of Shani Sade Sati and Dhaiya. Hence, some people might feel relief after two and half years whereas some may start feeling the heat of this transit in some of the aspects of life but Saturn transit would mainly impact as per its position and relation to different Moon signs in individual birth charts.
Effect of transit of Rahu into Leo & Ketu into Aquarius
The eternally retrograde energies Rahu and Ketu have already transited into Leo and Aquarius respectively on 30th January 2016 for next one and half years. Therefore, these transit of planet Rahu and Ketu could bring lots of positive and negative impacts on the life of common people due to their placements in individual birth charts.

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