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Planet Venus is the ruler of the most important aspects of life. Our Relationships, our creative expressions, the power of innovation, and our lifestyle that is leading us towards our passions constitute the biggest part of our life. A person enjoys the most beneficial results in the aforementioned areas of life when Venus plays a favorable role by its transit. However, when it is unfavorable, lots of hurdles and obstacles in the proper enjoyment on different aspects of life can be expected. Explore the positive and negative influence of Venus in your birth chart with Yearly Predictions 2019.

There are both positive and negative prospects of the presence of Planet Venus in your life and it all depends on its positioning in your birth chart. Venus rules the creative forces and invokes the sense of appreciation for the aesthetic principles of balance, harmony, color and sound in one’s life when favorable. But it is said that when Venus is unfavorable, weak or malefic in one's birth chart, there can be loss of worldly knowledge and pursuits, psychic ability, potency, pleasures, correct behavior, luxury and love for the native. The Planet Venus in not destined to be only associated with some definite things like love & creativity but on the different aspects in life.

As per Vedic Astrology, Venus is believed to be the ruler of Libra and Taurus and rules over love and money in one’s life. Its placement in different houses of the horoscope chart reveals which aspects of life one seeks to stabilize, refine, and obtain bliss from. It is widely seen that a strong Venus in a horoscope chart proffers excellent results to the natives. However a weak, debilitated or malefic Venus in your birth chart creates obstacles and issues the creative work and you might get failure. Find the best time in year 2019 for you and your partner with Love horoscope 2019.

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