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Planet Venus signifies creative expressions and the power of innovation. It is the favorable and unfavorable Venus that decides how you express yourself socially, romantically, and artistically in different areas of the life circle. Venus is considered as the light of inspiration and shows our natural tendency to beautify things. It rules our psychic abilities, powers of visualization, and creative direction of the mind force. No matter, what is our specific function in our career but the need of creativity and innovation prevails at every step and this power to think creative & innovative is provided by planet Venus. Creativity and innovation can assist you in creating new path for yourself, no matter from how much hard phase of your life you are going through.

A favorable Venus is necessary to attain success in areas like music, art, cosmetics, instruments, dance, drama, entertainment, love, courtship, making up after a break, social activities and all other activities in that direction. So, check out when is Planet Venus favorable or unfavorable for you in next 30 days ?

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