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The Sun is our sense of self and charts the level of our self-manifestation. It is the light of the rational mind, honor and status. Planet Sun is the natural signifier of status and power in our career. It is Sun which shapes our motivation to seek power and status in our pursuit of wealth in day to day life.

In a birth chart, Sun’s position symbolizes the native's purpose in life and the blueprint of how they leave their mark in the world. It also reveals the positive side of our personalities. The planetary position of Sun in a birth chart reveals the types of experiences that add to our personality and shape our sense of self-esteem in life.

Favorable placement of Sun in a birth chart can bring in fame and power in different aspects of life for the natives. It yields great power to bless the natives with great political mileage. Unfavorable placement of Sun in a birth chart can make a person overconfident and may also bring in mental and emotional turmoil in the native’s life. For those with unfavorably placed sun in the birth chart, cynical attitude and disgrace becomes part of the life.

Monthly astrology prediction help explore, whatever you have decided for the remaining part of the year will attain completion? What achievements or obstructions, you are likely to experience with respect to each aspect of life-career, finance, love and health, find with Astrology predictions. Ongoing growth take a steep rise and you will be able to grab golden opportunity in life and get chance to travel abroad.

So, check out when is Planet Sun favorable or unfavorable for you in the upcoming month?

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