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Know Your Compatibility with Chinese
Astrology Love Compatibility Readings

Chinese Astrology Love Compatibility Reading
Chinese astrology love compatibility chart is a unique tool to determine the level of understanding between the two potential lovers. Thinking and point of view of two compatible people is usually alike. On the contrary, there are certain couples who don’t get along together so well, it is because they are not compatible with each other. But what makes them so incompatible to each other? Chinese Astrology provides answer to this significant question. There are certain signs in astrology that jell along very well, while certain signs are stark opposite to each other and are totally incompatible. Here’s a little smattering on Chinese astrology love compatibility.

Chinese Zodiac Signs Closed Compatibility Group
The 12 different Chinese Zodiac signs, illustrated by animals that feature similar characteristics are broadly categorized into four groups and each group consists of 3 animals. All the three animals in each group are considered compatible with each other. Here’s a little information on the compatible groups of Chinese Zodiac signs.

Rat, Dragon, Monkey:
These zodiac signs are considered most compatible to each other.  People with these Chinese zodiac signs are usually intelligent, focused and passionate.

Snake, Ox, Rooster:
People with this zodiac sign are innovative, philosophers and thinkers and turn out to be great diplomats. These signs are most compatible with each other due to similar character traits.

Tiger, Horse, Dog:
People born with these Chinese zodiac signs are thinkers and are usually lively souls. It is their vitality that makes them get along well with each other quite well.

Rabbit, Goat, Pig:
People born with these Chinese zodiac signs are peace loving and emotional. Their generosity, tenderness and warmth make them so compatible with each other.