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Karmic indicator is the one-of-its-kind tool that depicts the true picture of our entire life. In this particular report, we are focusing on 3 prime karmic indicators that help us gain an exciting insight on our lives, through 3 different and distinct lenses - Reward to Effort Ratio; Best Direction; & Best Phase of life.

Reward to effort ratio - This Karmic Indicator illustrates the overall ratio of your rewards with respect to your efforts. It is computed by dividing the 11th house ashtak varga strength with the ashtak varga strength of 10th house. The 11th house of the horoscope represents opportunities, cash flow, profits, fulfillment of dreams and desires, hopes and wishes, whereas the 10th house of the horoscope denotes career, life purpose, profession, fame, righteous action and compassions.

Best direction - East, west, north or south? Do you know which is the most favorable or unfavorable direction for you? Working or moving in an appropriate direction can bring you wealth & prosperity as well as protect fame and good reputation, whereas working or moving in an inappropriate direction can harm your fame and reputation as well as make you lose money. 

Best phase of life - Our life is divided into three vital phases- first, middle and final. The best phase of our life is the days of contentment where we get all the happiness that we seek in our life. Know which the best phase of your life so that you can make the most of this phase. 

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