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The unique ‘Karma Index’ reveals the past, present and the future of an individual. Ancient Indian mythology and astrological scriptures have it that ‘Karma’ of an individual is nothing the good or bad deeds of an individual in his/her present and past lives. And Karma extends beyond the boundaries of one’s present life. But Karma is not restrained only to the deeds of an individual in his/her present or past lives, but also includes one’s thoughts and actions. Vedic Astrology acts as compass helping people navigate a safe passage through life and accomplish their goals and realize their one’s goals with least resistance.

Karma Index is the portrait of your karmic account, your achievements, debts, failures and positive & negative attainments in life. It is the most authentic tool to know when important events are getting triggered in your life and helps you to rule your life better. It tells you why a particular event has happened or going to happen in your life and when. It can also help you explore the favorable and unfavorable periods prevailing in life.

The future of any entity; be it a person, a country or the stock market can be computed using the powerful model of the Karma Index. The cumulative Karma Index gives the telescopic picture of the life of an entity as a whole in terms of positive and negative status. Check out your astrological signatures for this month based on our unique predictive tool, the Karma Index and change your life by revealing your powerful karmic memories. Realize your life's lessons and take action to improve!

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