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Jupiter is the planet for Good Fortune, Great thoughts and Ideas! It is purely responsible for bringing desirable success and growth in our life. It rules our potential for progress in various aspects of your life: physical, intellectual, spiritual and cultural. If Jupiter favors your luck, you enjoys all material comforts of life with enough accumulation of wealth assets, power and rise in professional status.

Ashtakvarga is a tool that determines strength of any planet along with favorable and unfavorable time periods with respect to any transit or movement of a planet in any particular zodiac sign. One of major question that baffles every individual is -When Planet Jupiter yield best results for them during its transit into Libra and in year 2017?

Following the assigned paths, every time, a planet revisits the zodiac sign where it emerges in its strongest dominion (by rule or exaltation), the overall celestial space changes considerably. During favorable times of planet Jupiter, you are showered with extreme luck and prosperity in life. The major transit of Jupiter in to sign Libra has taken place on 12th September for next one year till 11th October 2018 and unfolds lots of secrets about your future in year ahead.

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