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Chinese astrology

What is I Ching ?
I Ching is an Ancient Chinese Oracle. It is not a Fortune Telling System-it is a Guidance System. I Ching activates the wisdom of your sub-conscious. It is based on your present state of mind. With the help of I Ching you invoke the power within yourself to understand what moves or directions you should take in life and in the immediate future.

I Ching does not directly give you the direction, but a sincere reading of the words of the I Ching coupled with some soul searching by you will help you find true and accurate guidance.

The key to successful use of the I Ching and to activate your sub-conscious you must be passive, receptive and in tune with your intellect.
There are 64 I Ching Hexagrams that can be formed & in essence form the teachings and guidance of the I Ching.

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