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Effect of planet Mercury is increased by emerald or green color. Hence, it is good to spend time in a lush natural environment. Good herbs for Mercury are nerviness like gotu kola, bhringaraj (eclipta), skullcap, passionflower, betony, jatamansi, zisyphus, camomile, mint, and sage, Basil, particularly holy basil (tulsi) is specific for Mercury (Vishnu). The name mantra of Mercury is OM BUDHAYA NAMAHA. Mercury relates to Vishnu, the Deity who pervades the entire universe and maintains it, as it shows the indwelling cosmic intelligence.

Mercury energy is increased by the Yoga of knowledge, particularly by spiritual teachings, which emphasize reason, discrimination, clear expression, and objective perception.

It should always be remembered that the highest quality of the intellect is not in its ability to organize our cognition of the outer world but that of the inner world. This involves not accepting the view of the senses as the real world, but looking for the light of truth in the indwelling consciousness.

To check the dignity and role of planet mercury in your own birth chart, free of cost, you just need to be our registered member. 2. There are many mantra for the Sun, as the Sun has many names like Surya, Savitar, Aditya, Ravi, Mitra, Varuna, Aryaman, Pushan, Indra, Agni, and so on. The main name mantra is: OM SURYAYA NAMAHA. Solar energy is increased by taking spicy and fiery herbs, like cayenne, black pepper, dry ginger, long pepper, cardamom, saffron, calamus, bayberry and cinnamon (specifically the Ayurvedic formula Trikatu). One should meditate on the red or gold solar orb as residing in the heart.

Usually the individual will do well in practicing meditation and the Yoga of knowledge to connect to the higher self within. The individual should cultivate independence and courage. They should challenge their fears. They should bring the light into all the dark corners of their mind. The Sun relates to the Divine father. In the Hindu religion, this is Shiva, Mahadeva, the great God. Yet the Sun represents the Divine presence generally and whatever form of the Divine we worship can be used for this purpose. To check to check the dignity and role of planet sun in your own birth chart, free of cost, you just need to be our registered member.

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