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Dhana Yoga signifies abundance of wealth supplying you all luxuries in life, while Daridra Yoga denotes shortage for money and you fail to fulfill your hopes, wishes, and desires in life. Wealth is a primary requirement in everyone's life. Money is indirectly associated with happiness in our life, money can buy you material comfort; bring peace and prosperity in life.

Planets play a major role in defining whether you will enjoy luxurious comforts in life or will have to struggle hard even to earn basic living. Prosperity and poverty are absolute opposite terms in one’s life. If the participating planets forming a specific Yoga in your birth chart favor your luck and work in combination in planet’s period/sub-periods/sub-sub periods during the next few years of one’s life, then you are likely to receive favorable signatures for “Dhana Yoga”. If they go against your luck or prove unfavorable, they will create “Daridra Yoga” in your life.

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