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Colloquially called ‘The Shengxiao’, Chinese Zodiac Signs is the ancient system that correlates an individual’s birth year to a particular animal and its inherent characteristics. ‘Sheng’ literally translates to 'Birth year’ and 'Xiao' means ‘Similarity’. Broadly based on the lunar calendar, The Sheng xiao system is a twelve-year cycle as compared to the monthly western zodiac calendar. The animals in the Chinese Zodiac Calendar are created to count years. Ancient Chinese system has it that one ji has 12 years; one year has 12 months and one day has 12 time periods. These 12 time period of the day are called ‘Shi Chen’. Each Chinese animal sign represent specific months of a particular year, and secret animals represent specific hours of a particular day. Quite expectedly, the twelve animal zodiacs remain the foundation of Chinese astrology. Read on to know more about Chinese Zodiac symbols and meanings.

The Rat
Chinese Birth Year zi
Element shui/Water
Yin Yang Yang
Favorable Directions Northeast, Southeast
Lucky Colors Green, Blue, Golden
Unlucky Color Brown and Yellow
Lucky Numbers 2, 3
Unlucky Numbers 5, 9
Most Compatible Signs Dragon, Ox, Monkey
Non Compatible Signs Rabbit, Goat, Horse

The Ox
Chinese Birth Year chou
Element tu/Earth
Yin Yang Yin
Favorable Directions North, Southeast, South
Lucky Colors Red, Purple, Blue
Unlucky Color Green and White
Lucky Numbers 9, 1
Unlucky Numbers 3, 4
Most Compatible Signs Rat, Snake, Rooster
Non Compatible Signs Horse, Dog, Goat

The Tiger
Chinese Birth Year yin
Element mu/Wood
Yin Yang Yang
Favorable Directions South, East, Southeast
Lucky Colors Blue, Gray, White, Orange
Unlucky Color Golden, Silver, Brown, Black
Lucky Numbers 1, 3, 4
Unlucky Numbers 6, 7, 8
Most Compatible Signs Horse, Dog
Non Compatible Signs Snake, Monkey