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Energized Astrology Yantras

The Energized Yantras is a special geometric design, which is the visible form, the energy body, of the mantra, and the planet to which it corresponds. Yantras available online supplement the power of mantra and are as strong as the mantra themselves.

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If a mantra is the invisible driving force, the Energized Yantras that you will buy online from here, is the visible means to gain power and wealth, ward off evil and illnesses, nullify the ill effects of planets, bring your luck in love and life, enhance your capabilities - and bless you with almost any material comfort or spiritual benefit you desire. So Clear the gateway to prosperity and success in your life with Energized Yantras Online exclusively available at Cyber Astro.

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Planetary Yantra


Mollify Devas and Deities, Palnetary Yantra Helps you to neutralize malefic planets and brings positive energies

Hanuman Kavach


Armor of God Hanuman, Energized Hanuman Kavach protects you from all evils and gives you excellence

Balarishta Yantra


Conquer the Balarishta Yoga, this yantra helps you to protect your child from the misfortunes caused by malefic planets in horoscope

Moon Yantra


Enhance the Luminosity, Moon Yantra protects you from misfortune due to debilitated moon in your horoscope

Shree Yantra Pendant


Inseparable Shiva and Shakti, Shree Yantra Pendant helps you to protect and nurture man and woman relationship

Shree Yantra


Personification of Goddess Laxmi, Shree Yantra drains all the negativity from the environment and brings in the prosperity

Chandi Paath


Manifestation of Great Devi Durga, Chandi path helps you to focus and leads you to victory over all obstacles

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