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“Dewkisut, Govind Basudeva Jagapate
Dehi mey Tanyam Krishna twamaham Saranam Gatah”

“Govind, Basudeva, Son of Dewaki
Oh! Lord Krishna I surrender to thee
Bless me with a child."

It is the desire of every married couple to have a child to completet their family and carry their name ahead. A woman longs for a child after she is married but due to some circumstances she might not be able to do so…during such time instead of losing hope one should not only try scientific measures but also pray to god sincerely. It is said that if we pray to Shri Krishna with sincere heart then he does bless the couple with a child. Moreover Putra Prapti Yagya is said to be beneficial Pooja to do to get pregnant.

Facing Childbirth issue and still no hope, despite undergoing multiple medical treatments? No worries,Divine Power/devotional rituals can grant you valuable solution for your conception problem. It’s a common perception among couples that we start assuming medical cause is the main reason behind delay in childbirth. However, planetary impacts may be creating obstacles in its success. Santan Gopal Pooja is an appropriate remedial solution for putra prapti that helps curb prevailing problem in your life and let you enjoy parenthood.

The greatest happiness for a married couple is birth of a child, an event that promotes them to be a parent. This is the happiness, which everyone wants, but sometimes-adverse situation arises where due to some reasons folks do not get blessed with this happiness. A blessing for a healthy progeny in particular is always asked from the Almighty. Santan Gopal Yagna is pooja to get pregnant soon or to have a child. According to ancient Hindu Veda, it is one of the most ancient and fundamental purpose of a human life to bear an offspring and experience the elation of ‘giving life’ to a new human being who would emulate each single nuance of a parent and thus the eternal cycle of life would ceaselessly continue thereafter.

   Who Should Perform Santan Prapti Yagna?

Even when everything is fine, a woman may not be able to bear a child and medical treatments for both the parents may be necessary. During such situation there is no doubt that they will be going through a bad stage .It is the desire of every married woman to have a child of her own in such cases we could go ahead and perform a Santan Gopal Yagna which would benefit the mother.

Name of Yagna No of recitation of stotras Price USD Price INR Order Now
Santan Gopal Yagna - 1 Day 31,000 501 31000 ORDER NOW
Santan Gopal Yagna- 3 Days 61,000 1001 61000 ORDER NOW
Santan Gopal Yagna - 5 Days 1,25000 1551 101000 ORDER NOW
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