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Buy Numeric Surya Yantra

Buy Numeric Surya Yantra

The numeric Yantra is an all purpose Yantra created out of three prime metals. Gold, Silver and Copper. Copper is the core, then there is a Silver border and finally encased in gold. The numeric pattern is engraved on the copper on one side and the “beeja” (seed) mantra or the prime syllable that connects to the power of the Sun is inscribed on the other side or the back of the pattern on silver. This Yantra is meant to be worn as a pendant and it must lie between the breasts.

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What You Will Get With Numeric Surya Yantra

  • Numeric Surya Yantra with Beeja Mantra of Sun engraved
  • A personal link of Ganesha Puja as per strict Vedic rituals
  • Mantra with music in harmony with nature of each planet
  • A step-by-step procedure to reenergize the Yantra.
  • Holy water Ganga Jal & Incense stick to reenergise.

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More about Numeric Surya Yantra

Sun is the prime ray that nourishes all other planet rays. It is symbolized as the light of life, nourishment, evolution and revelation. It is that element of creation without which every other aspect of creation is non-existent. In all the philosophic and religious existence in different cultures of the world, Sun holds the highest position.

As an effect, each of us have to pass the test of evil, elevate ourselves to the platform of sound judgment and only then can the true light be visible for us. So, when Saturn is causing sorrow, it is actually letting us know about our own actions. It cannot cause sorrow from the prime journey as God created all of us in his form and gave a minute portion of his power to all of us. The reservoir was the same so Saturn had no role to play then. It is only at later stage during our karmic journey that we gathered negative points and each one of them have to be balanced through the suffering inflicted by Saturn. So it is said that one can only reach the light of the Sun after having crossed the darkness of Saturn.

The prime power of all planets lie with the Sun. Sun signifies light and good while Saturn signifies darkness and all that is considered as bad. The subtlety of this theory goes to the root cause of all that is considered bad that evil was created by God in order to save the good. Evil is also a creation of God. A blind man has no idea of light as he/she has never experienced it.

Unless one experiences the bad, there is no distinction between the two. It is most recommended for those with weak, afflicted or debilitated Sun. It is also highly beneficial for those who are not enjoying a good level of success in life. It recommended for all.