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This Moon Yantra is essentially beneficial for people with debilitated or afflicted Moon by either, co-habitation or aspect of Saturn, Rahu or Ketu. Moon suffers the most and so does the person whose chart has this misfortune.

What You Will Get with Moon Yantra

  • Energised Yantra with Number & Moon Mantra engraved
  • Holy water Ganga Jal & Incense stick to reenergise.
  • A simple step-by-step wearing procedure of Yantra.

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It is easy to discard Chandra or Moon as an insignificant planet with respect to strong malefic planet like Saturn or great benefic planet such as Jupiter. But this very potent yet subtle energy of Moon, creates the perfect mind of a mortal without which the purpose of being a human being is lost.

Moon is affected easily when in contact with Saturn, Rahu or Ketu. The mind of the person becomes clouded with a sense of doom unless Moon is in its own house or sign of exaltation. Even when it is in comfortable locations, some of its moon shine is lost. Moon is our capacity to be happy, as a ruler of the mind it is our gateway to the finer feelings in life.

This Yantra stays more energized in combination with Regular Practice of Chandi Path. The power loss of this luminary is made up and it starts generating its potential effects in the life of the person and brings in happiness and optimism.

This Yantra is crafted as a 1 inch diameter silver locket with a 3 carat natural white pearl in a perfect astrological setting. The front face of the locket has the planetary symbol of Moon while the reverse is engraved with the numeric energy pattern of the Moon. This numeric sequence relates specifically to the magic square of the number two. The numbers add up to 18 for each column, and 54 for the total.

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