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When days are gloomy and dark and we feel that we have nowhere to go, these are the moments when we bow our head and remember Lord Krishna. Shri Krishna Janamashtmi, is the festival, which is celebrated in honor of the birthday of Lord Krishna, the re-incarnation of Lord Vishnu who gave us the vital message of the Bhagwat Gita - the guiding principles for every Hindu. Also known as Gokulashtami, Krishnasthami, Srijayanti, this religious festival is celebrated all over India in the month of August/September on the ashtami of Krishna Paksh or the eighth day in the month of Bhadon according to the Hindu calendar with great devotion and zeal.

Krishna is often depicted as an infant or young boy playing a flute as in the Bhagavata Purana, or as a youthful prince giving direction and guidance as in the Bhagavad Gita. The stories of Krishna appear across a broad spectrum of Hindu philosophical and theological traditions. They portray him in various perspectives: a god-child, a prankster, a model lover, a divine hero and the Supreme Being. To offer prayers to such a great lord at Janamashtmi, the devotees keep awake and sing bhajans till midnight, the moment when Krishna was born. People fast all day and eat only after the midnight birth ceremony. At midnight, the idol of the infant Krishna is bathed, adorned in new clothes and jewelery, placed in a cradle and worshiped. The sound of hymns and religious songs glorify the greatness of Krishna. It is believed that worshiping lord Kanha with true devotion on the auspicious eve of Krishna Janamashtmi can fulfill all the desires of the devotee.

The festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and eagerness. At about midnight, on the Asthami night, a clay image of baby Krishna is made in every Hindu house and worshiped. Though this festival is celebrated differently in different parts of India the only similarity is- everyone believes in Lord Krishna. The great festival is celebrated at Gokul, which is situated on the banks of the river Yamuna about seven miles from Mathura. Streets are illuminated: images of Krishna are installed at places and offerings are made. The celebration consists of bhajan, kirtan and chanting of holy mantras and the preparation of “jhoolan” or the swing.

The best thing about this celebration is the Raasleelas- a kind of folk theater, which depicts the various aspects of Krishna’s life. Lord Vishnu came to save his devotees ten times taking various forms and among whom the Avatar of Krishna is said to be the Purna Avatar. In Janmastami the moment of importance is the midnight when Krishna is born. Temples and homes all over India display tableaux showing different aspects of Lord’s life. The image of baby Krishna is placed on a swing and bathed with charanamrit.

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