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Shree Krishna Janamashtmi is the festival, which is celebrated to commemorate the birthday of Lord Krishna, the re-incarnation of Lord Vishnu who enlightened the world through Bhagwat Gita - the guiding principles for life. Read more on Janamashtmi

Janmashtami and Vishnu Yagna 2017

Cyber Astro is all set to organize Vishnu Yagna & Krishna Janamashtmi Mahotsava on the auspicious eve of the birthday of Lord Krishna on the 14th August, 2017 to seek grace & blessings of one of the most loved Hindu deities - Lord Krishna for all our esteemed members. Lord Krishna is one of the most loved Hindu deities and has a long list of mythological stories related to him.

Vishnu Yagna & Krishna Janamashtmi Mahotsava is performed for all and is a rare opportunity for you to soak in the divine blessings of Lord Krishna for relief from all problems and obtain all round prosperity for yourself and your loved ones.

The Key Feature of Vishnu Yagna & Krishna Janamashtmi Celebration 2017

Date : 14th August, 2017
Venue : Cyber House, Gurgaon, India
Priest : Dr. Ram Rajya Upadhyay and his associates (Click here to view his profile)
Style : North Indian.

The Programme that will be followed:

  • Shanti Paath
  • Sankalpa
  • Ganesh, Kalash and Navagraha Pooja
  • Special Pooja of Lord Vishnu
  • 101 times chant of Vishnu Sahashra Naam
  • Energizing of Gems/Yantras ordered by the customer from our website
  • Energizing of the idol of Lord Krishna to be send with Prasad
  • Havan (sacred fire)
  • Rituals of Lord Krishna’s birth on 14th August, 2017 at 23:59 IST (19.29 GMT).
  • Worship of Krishna as Bal Gopal (infant Krishna)
  • Purna Aahuti (Yagna completion)
  • Aarti of Bal Gopal Lord Krishna.
  • End of ceremony with pushpanjali

What will you get after the Ceremony

  • The Ceremony will be captured on a video and after the ceremony we will send you the compiled footage on a DVD.
  • An energized reel of "Kalava" or holy string.
  • Holy Yagna ashes from the Homa fire.
  • As per traditional practices the offerings to Lord Krishna as "Prasad" will be for you and your family consumption.
  • An energized idol of Lord Krishna during the ceremony
Read more on Janamashtmi
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