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Buddhir Balam Yasho Dhairyam Nirbhayathvam Aarogayta!
Ajadyam Vaakpatutvam cha Hanumat Smarnat Bhavet!!”

According to above shloka, worship of lord Hanuman bestow intelligence, strength, fame, courage, fearlessness, good health, vigilance and eloquence to the worshiper.

Hanuman Jayanti Ceremony 2019

Lord Hanuman is a noble hero in Hinduism who symbolizes the pinnacle of devotion(Bhakti) and selfless service, provider of knowledge, courage, hope and devotion. He can perform miracles, which no other God can perform. This is why Lord Rama had to depend on Lord Hanuman to bring the magic herbs to restore the life of Lakshman in his battle against Ravana in the Ramayana. Lord Hanuman can perform the miracle and save the life of Lakshman because of his infinite devotion to Lord Ram which in turn gives him the faith, courage and determination required to perform the impossible.

Worship of Lord Hanuman symbolizes in our individual life “The Pursuit of Excellence”. And no other day that the eve of the birthday of Lord Hanuman can fetch his assured blessings. It is believed that worshiping Lord Hanuman with true devotion on the auspicious eve of Hanuman Jayanti can fulfill all the desires of the devotee.

  • Hanuman Jayanti Ceremony-in pursuit of excellence.
  • When there is no one with you Lord Hanuman will be there for you.
  • Lord Hanuman, the ultimate protector from evil effects of planet Mars.
  • Participating in Hanuman Jayanti is the unique opportunity for those who have Mangalik affliction in their Birth Chart.

The Key Feature of Hanuman Jayanti ceremony 2019

Date : 19th April, 2019
Time : 10:30am to 1:30pm IST; 5:00am to 8:00am GMT.
Venue : Cyber House, Gurgaon, India
Priest : Dr. Ramraj Upadhyay and his associates (Click here to view his profile)
Style : North Indian.

The Programme that will be followed

  • Chanting of Shanti Path, to make atmosphere pious
  • Sankalpa, name inclusion of participants for ceremony
  • Ganesh, Kalasham and Nav Graha Poojan, start of ceremony rituals
  • Worship & Adornments of Lord Hanuman, on his birthday
  • Recitation of Bajrang Baan, to seek blessings of lord Hanuman
  • Havan (sacred fire) & Purnaahooti (Yagna completion)
  • Aarti, special prayer of Lord Hanuman
  • End of ceremony with Pushpanjali

What will you get after the Ceremony

  • An energized reel of "Kalava" or holy string for protection.
  • An orange vermilion(Sindoor) offered to Shri Hanuman.
  • Holy Yajna ashes from the Homa fire
  • The offerings to Lord Hanuman as "Prasad" for consumption.
  • A soft copy link of entire Ceremony video captured during the yagna

Enlist with your Family

Cyberastro offers you one such divine opportunity to show your true love and devotion to the almighty. We are organizing Hanuman Jayanti Ceremony on the auspicious eve of the birthday of Lord Bajrangbali (Hanuman) on to seek grace & blessings of Lord Hanuman for all our members. This Ceremony is performed for all and is a golden opportunity for you to invoke the divine blessings for relief from all problems and to gain all round prosperity for self and family. So, enlist wholeheartedly and join us in this devotional ceremony and gain blessings of Lord Hanuman in the form of faith, courage and determination to pursue “Excellence” in your individual life.

May this Hanuman Jayanti enlighten you in the best way possible. Join us in a devotional ceremony, worship to Shri Hanuman and seek blessing for all round happiness. peace and happiness in life and pursue excellence in your endeavor.

Enlist with your family for this holy ceremony now!