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Buy Pearl Gemstone( Indian Name: Moti )

Pearl gemstone, Indian Name- Moti, is a natural gemstone. Pearl gemstone astrology makes it amongst the sacred Navgraha stones (Nine Precious Gemstones). As per Vedic Astrology, original Moti strengthens the power of Moon. Hence, this gemstone is suggestible for those who have weak moon in their horoscope chart. Planet Moon reflects human mind and impact their thinking and increases self-confidence.

Grades Price Range Per Carat Available in Stock
Regular USD 6.5  | INR 390 Buy Now
Super Fine USD 18  | INR 1100 Buy Now
 Premium USD 35  | INR 2150 Buy Now
Astrological Benefits Keys Feature
Strengthens Memory Power 100% Natural
Controls Anger Secure Payment
Favors Fortune Energized Gemstone
Fame Insured Shipping
Cures Diseases Worldwide Shipping

Product Description

Dispatch Time Within 8 to 10 Business Days
Gemstone Pearl
Composition South Sea, Natural
Size 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 carats
Shape Round

What Our Members Say…

Why to wear Natural Pearl Gemstone?

Wearing attuned and energized Pearl gemstone brings in many benefits to the wearer. Pearl stone strengthens mental abilities of the wearer, increases memory power and help control anger. In addition, ownership of a good natural pearl brings wealth, children, popularity, fortune, fame, and freedom from disease and grief.

Some Additional Features

Natural Pearl stone also helps calm the nerves, frees a wearer from anxiety and lessens tension. Furthermore, this sacred Pearl helps professionals sharpen their thought patterns and strategic abilities. In addition, Moti gemstone also helps wearer make their relationships cordial with their mother.

The Pearl Gemstone price in India is primarily determined by its luster and carat. Cyber Astro offers a wide variety of astrological Pearl Gemstones in attractive price ranges.

Physical Healing Benefits

On the physical level, Pearl helps improve your heart problems. This pearl in India is also useful in curing health issues related to spleen, stomach, Intestine & ulcer. In addition, natural pearls helps keep regulate the blood pressure and keep body heat under check.