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Buy Hessonite Gemstone( Indian Name: Gomedh )

Hessonite gemstone, Indian Name – Gomed, is a naturally occurring precious gemstone that is usually reddish orange or yellow orange in color. Gomed gemstone is also frequently referred to as the 'Rahu Ratna' in India due to its association with the Vedic planet – Rahu, which governs our present karma.

Grades Price Range Per Carat Available in Stock
Regular USD 14  | INR 850 Buy Now
Super Fine USD 30  | INR 1850 Buy Now
 Premium USD 54  | INR 3250 Buy Now
Astrological Benefits Keys Feature
Mental and Spiritual Balance Lab certified
Protects from Danger 100% Natural
Unblocks the Sahashara Chakra. Secure Payment
Stability Energized Gemstone
Positivity Insured Shipping
Protects from Black Magic Worldwide Shipping

Product Description

Dispatch Time Within 8 to 10 Business Days
Gemstone Hessonite
Composition Natural
Size 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 carats
Shape Rectangular
Origin Ceylon, Sri Lanka

What Our Members Say…

Why to wear Hessonite Gemstone?

Hessonite Gemstone comes packed in umpteen benefits for its wearer. Gomed gemstone benefits wearer to attain a mental and spiritual equilibrium and protects him from hidden dangers and mental unrest. Buy hessonite gemstones online, either studded into rings or necklaces or bracelets as a part of jewelry to unblock the Sahashara Chakra. It gives stability in life and triggers the positive energy of Rahu in one’s life.

Some Additional Features

Enemies can't stand longer before those who wear original Hessonite stone. This divine gemstone helps get rid of fears and make the wearer inclined towards a spiritual growth. In addition, it is believed that Hessonite ring renders a strong protection against black magic. It also saves wearer from accidents and injuries. Natural Hessonite stone helps removes all obstacles and brings favor from the government and government agencies.

Original Hessonite or Gomed gemstone price in India is primarily determined by its cut and carat. Cyber Astro offers a wide variety of astrological Hessonite Gemstones you can buy in attractive price ranges.

Physical Healing Benefits

On the physical level, certified Hessonite gemstones help cure diseases such as asthma, insanity, mental disorder, epilepsy, weak mind, stomach problems leprosy and insomnia etc. In addition, Gomed gemstone also plays a vital role in curing mental disorders and obsessive disorders.