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Customer Guide Line for Gem Stone Selection

Significance in terms of astrological purpose:

Stones are worn to ward off evil. It protects us against the bad effect of planets, known to boost the spiritual power of our body keeping us happy and healthy. Gems are graded by four qualities, known as the "four C's." These stand for Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat, (meaning size.). The first thing a consumer needs to understand is that gemstones are graded by the rarity of their features. Even though we use the term "quality" that does not necessarily mean that one gem is better than another. On the contrary, what is best for you personally may not be the top, or rarest grade of a gem.

When a mineral deposit is found, there will be a wide variety of qualities. For example, let's say someone just mined 100 pounds of amethyst. One of the first things the grader will notice is the size variation. The smaller stones will settle to the bottom of the pile and the larger ones will demand the most attention.

A 100-carat stone is much less common than a one-carat stone and that feature will add to its value. However, simply being larger does not mean that it is better. A small woman could not wear a huge stone gracefully. This would not be the best gem for a small person.

   For Purpose of astrological gems, the most important criteria are as follows:

  1. The stone should be the same carat that has been recommended by the astrologer. Like a doctor’s prescription of medicine a smaller or larger dosage than what has been prescribed can be ineffective and even harmful.
  2. It must be a natural stone. A natural stone comes with impurities and clouds. They are responsible for the right color of the prescribed gem.
  3. There should not be any cracks. But one must not confuse cracks with impurities and clouds.
  4. Unclear as to whether 'one should be warned against this or that' or 'these gems are better than other gems', like uncertainties.
  5. The ring must be manufactured as per astrological specification that may not be the most stylish design. The astrological specification ensures proper transmission of light through the gemstone into our body.
  6. The ring must be worn on the finger that has been specified by your astrologer.