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This gemstone is not very common in gem quality and larger sizes of good quality white sapphires are even more rare. White sapphire is genuine sapphire that is colorless and has the same hardness as blue sapphires and sapphires in other colors. There are some sapphires with a very pale tint of blue, pink or yellow and these are not entirely colorless, however many traders refer to these as white sapphire gemstones.

White Sapphire induces purity and fearlessness. It enhances artistic abilities and purifies our passions. It is said to make a person more attractive. White sapphire is the Jyotish gem related to Venus, which is the planet of love, beauty, arts and married life. Like Jupiter, it bestows money, comforts and fortune on a person when it is strong and significantly well placed. It can be useful in the cure of venereal and reproductive system diseases White sapphires usually come out of the ground as light grey or brown and are then heated to make them clear. However, in very rare circumstances they will be found in a clear state

White sapphire gemstones are a good substitute for diamonds when you find diamond jewelery to be out of your price range. White sapphires have good durability and come second only to diamonds when you compare hardness on the Moh's scale of hardness. However, large sizes of white sapphire are hard to find and most of the larger pieces have a slight pale blue or pale green tint to them. Here we have provided useful and straightforward information regarding white sapphires and you will be amazed at the beauty, durability and versatility of this gorgeous gemstone.

Their value depends on their size, color and transparency. With stones of very fine quality, these are, however, not the only main criteria, the origin of the gem also playing a major role. Neither is the color itself, necessarily, a function of the geographical origin of a sapphire, which explains the great differences in price between the various qualities. The most valuable are genuine Kashmir stones. Burmese sapphires are valued almost as highly, and then comes the sapphires from Ceylon. The possibility of the gemstone's having undergone some treatment or other is also a factor in determining the price, since gemstones which can be guaranteed untreated are becoming more and more sought-after in this age of gemstone cosmetics. And if the stone selected then also happens to be a genuine, certificated Kashmir or Burmese, the price will probably reflect the enthusiasm of the true gemstone lover.

Buy White Sapphire Now